High-performance tilt sensors used in synchrotrons

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High-performance tilt sensors from Inertial Aerosystems are being used in synchrotron and similar applications to align particle beams.

Inertial Aerosystems reports that the most sensitive of its high-performance tilt sensors are being used in the field of high-energy physics for synchrotron and particle beam applications.

These miniature tilt sensors are incorporated because of their high resolution and repeatability. The resolution is 0.1 microradian in +/-8000 microradians full scale (+/-0.46 degrees). They are used for finely adjusting the magnetic arrays that align the particle beams.

These sensors are also highly suitable for precise angular positioning of x-ray and laser mirrors and monochrometers. They maintain absolute reference with respect to gravity and, unlike optical encoders, do not need to be re-initialised on power-up. These high-quality devices are also available in vacuum-compatible versions.

Currently they are being used by leading research laboratories throughout the world.

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29 October 2006

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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