Spectroline helps DG Howell Hydraulics detect and fix leaks

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Hydraulic leaks are notoriously troublesome, but DG Howell Hydraulics is finding that the Spectroline system, based on the acclaimed Oil-Glo fluorescent dye, is an easy and effective way to trace the source of leaks.

Spectroline helps DG Howell Hydraulics detect and fix leaksDG Howell Hydraulics Ltd, an engineering business based in South Wales, is already widely known for its comprehensive supply and maintenance of hydraulic systems, and now the company is developing a growing reputation for its role in detecting and treating leaks – which is saving customers a lot of time and money.

The secret of its success in dealing with oil and hydraulic fluid leaks is the Spectroline system, based on the acclaimed Oil-Glo fluorescent dye. Spectroline makes detection of oil-based fluid leaks quick and easy – a far cry from the situation in days gone by, when machinery often had to be shut down and cleaned in order to tackle such a problem.

Many of the best solutions to engineering problems are also the simplest – and the Spectroline leak detection procedure is simplicity itself. A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to the hydraulic system and allowed to circulate. If there is a leak, the dye escapes with the system's fluid and, importantly, stays put at the leak site. Scanning with a handheld Spectroline UV or UV/blue inspection lamp shows the dye as a bright yellow-green fluorescence, allowing the exact source of every leak to be discovered with pinpoint accuracy.


The success of resulting repairs can then be checked by removing residual dye from leak sites with a dye cleaner/remover and re-inspecting them with the lamp. If there is no glow, there is no leak. The dye can be left in the system indefinitely, with no adverse effects on the system; alternatively, it can be removed when the fluid is next changed.

There are many applications for Oil-Glo, including leak testing of hydraulic systems, gaskets and seals used in engines, air compressors and transmission gearboxes... in fact anything that involves circulating oil. It will also detect leaks of diesel, petrol, automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid.

Custom blends are available to accommodate the host fluid in each particular system, whether it uses petroleum- or synthetic-based lubricants. Oil-Glo is often used in quality control procedures – before the shipping of products – and as an indispensable part of routine field maintenance.

Paul Edwards, DG Howell's Area Sales Manager, comments: "We have found it an invaluable tool for our maintenance engineers, using both the Oil Glo 22 and Oil-Glo 44 dyes. We are now a major supplier and maintainer of equipment in many different engineering sectors. We serve the automotive industry, shipping, leisure and amusement parks and numerous manufacturing businesses. In fact you could say we do a lot to help South Wales businesses run smoothly!"

Effective monitoring

Founded in 1977, DG Howell has a great reputation for quality and reliability – boasting many of South Wales' largest companies among its customers. Manufacturing is once again on the increase in South Wales and DG Howell is at the leading edge of a demanding and competitive market. Designing, building and caring for reliable, leak-free hydraulic systems requires a high level of expertise. Effective after-sales service and monitoring is essential to ensure that equipment has a long life; this is one of the reasons why customers keep coming back to DG Howell.

Paul Edwards adds: "A new Spectroline product that we are selling in large numbers is the Optimax Junior UV leak detection kit. This ultra-portable, do-it-yourself package, containing a flashlight with AA batteries, a dye injector and everything else you need to get started, is proving very popular with our customers."

Spectroline is distributed in the UK by Advanced Engineering Ltd, whose Marketing Manager, Janey Parker, says: "The power of Spectroline to detect leaks – no matter how numerous or how tiny – is phenomenal. Oil-Glo is used worldwide and we are delighted, but not really surprised, that DG Howell's many prestigious customers are finding the system so effective."

For further information on Spectroline products, contact Advanced Engineering Ltd.

29 November 2005

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