Parametric CAD simplifies design of custom hydraulic cylinders

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Wrayram Engineers is adopting Autodesk Inventor and plans to make use of the 'intelligent' parametric modelling capabilities to enable custom hydraulic cylinder designs to be created from standard templates.

In order to meet the demands of its rapidly increasing 3D customer base, Wrayram Engineers is making the move from 2D to 3D design with Autodesk Inventor 2008. The manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders will implement the software for all new jobs – and because Inventor enables both 2D and 3D design to be used, it will also enable all legacy drawings to be migrated to the new package.

Wrayram plans to use Inventor to create cylinder design templates from which it will develop customised variations without having to start from scratch each time. Inventor's 'intelligent' parametric modelling capabilities automatically update corresponding parts when one element is changed and this will save further time and help Wrayram's technical staff to trial prototypes virtually.

The ability to create digital prototypes will give the company's machinists better perspective and foresight. Wrayram is also keen to use Inventor's animation capabilities to present plans to prospective customers.

Phil Watkins of Wrayram Engineers says: "Many of our key customers already use Inventor and so this is a natural step for us. Previously when we submitted 2D designs to our customers, they would have to be remodelled in 3D. Now our 3D designs can be directly integrated into their existing designs, saving time and helping us to improve our services to customers."

Lynn Smith of Cadspec adds: "We are certain that Wrayram Engineers will benefit significantly from this move. Research has shown that companies that can create digital prototypes - and, therefore, fewer physical prototypes - can get their products to market far faster."

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