Proportional regulator selected for medical balance device

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Parker Hannifin's Moduflex pneumatic valves and proportional regulators are enabling Framiral's Multitest Equilibre balancing device to be used to examine the cognitive behaviour of patients at rehabilitation institutions simply and accurately.

Proportional regulator selected for medical balance deviceFramiral is a specialist provider of devices for imbalance disorder and vertigo instabilities. The company has produced the Multitest Equilibre to aid physicians and therapists in identifying and diagnosing numerous imbalance-related health problems. The Multitest Equilibre comprises a stand-on platform that is supported by three pneumatic springs. The actuators within these springs can be configured to match the requirements and weight of any patient and can move the platform in three axes, at various speeds, by means of a cam and lever action. In addition, sensors detect the reactions of the patient, and the movement of the platform is controlled in response. The complete system is operated by a compact remote centralised pneumatic circuit, comprising Parker's state-of-the-art Moduflex valves and Moduflex proportional regulator.

Parker Product Specialist, Patrick Berdal, explains: "It was essential that the Multitest Equilibre be able to operate smoothly and in a controlled manner, while providing high levels of repeatability to ensure rehabilitation institutions could achieve reliable results for accurate patient diagnosis. The Moduflex valve system was the ideal choice for this application due, not only to its compact size, but also to the facility to include a dump valve within the island in order to regulate pressure levels and offer smooth control. In addition, the Moduflex proportional regulator played a key part in ensuring the overall performance of the system was optimised."

High-speed, accurate pressure regulation

Parker's Moduflex proportional regulator can quickly and accurately control the pressure flow towards the Multitest Equilibre by operating in response to an electric signal, regardless of compressed air or inert gas flow. This compact unit features an integrated pressure sensor, offering extremely fast response and enabling output pressures to be constantly monitored and adjusted to the requirements of the Multitest Equilibre. Offering exceptionally low hysteresis, full-flow exhaust and overload protection, the regulator delivers very high performance.

Parker's Moduflex valves are easily built into valve islands that can be configured to suit the application, providing simple connection and compact dimensions.

Patrick Berdal comments: "With the Multitest Equilibre, rehabilitation institutions can process reliable test results with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before, and specifying Parker's Moduflex family of products has been essential in making this possible. In addition to delivering exceptional levels of repeatability, Parker's control system also offers long, low-maintenance service life, benefiting end users still further."

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