Specially developed interconnect interfaces fibre optics

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ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed the Cannon PHD SuperLC connector to provide a small form-factor interconnect that interfaces fibre-optic hardware operating in harsh environments.

The LC configuration commonly used to connect fibre optic devices does not able to function reliably in environments subject to shock and vibration and/or the high temperatures prevalent in military, aerospace, telecom service and industrial data communications applications.

In response to customer requests to solve this problem, ITT Interconnect Solutions designed a robust LC connector that gives engineers and designers a low-cost, easily serviced interconnect that retains the low-loss, high-performance optical characteristics of the standard LC connector, but with the added caveat of withstanding severe environments. The Cannon PHD SuperLC meets or exceeds Lucent 640-252-053 and Telcordia GR-236 requirements.

A high-temperature thermal plastic housing ensures resistance to high temperatures and thermal cycling, while a locking mechanism prevents mechanical release when subjected to high levels of shock and vibration. This locking mechanism also prevents thermal relaxation of the latch at high temperatures. Key benefits of this design are greater optical stability at high temperatures and superior mechanical durability.

The Cannon PHD SuperLC accepts multi-mode and single-mode ferrules. It has a tunable optical cartridge, which is a standalone optical element separable from the connector housing, while a crimp termination of the cable to rear body ensures ease-of-use and quick, easy field repair.

03 April 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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