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A new application note from ITT Interconnect Solutions explains how the Universal Contact was developed in response to customer requirements to address the problems of uneven spring forces and poor contact resistance

ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed the Universal Contact (UC) in response to customer requests to address the problems of uneven spring forces and poor contact resistance associated with the array of connectors used in mobile phones to connect components such speakers, buzzers and antennae. As miniaturisation continues to drive down the size of handheld devices, the need for miniature interconnects that incorporate reliable and robust designs is critical. Equally important, the market is challenged by the need for aggressive component pricing due to its competitive nature.

UC is a small form factor, stamped contact that is suitable for solderless component interconnection where miniaturisation, reliability and flexibility are prerequisites. An innovative preloading and anti-lift design feature maximises contact force to ensure consistent and dependable contact integrity. The ability of the contact to move in the X-Y-Z directions also plays a key role in providing a robust connection. The contact can be mated and de-mated up to 3000 times, making it suitable for every-day utilisation.

The use of a stamped process and innovative design ensure a price competitive contact for a wide range of applications, including handset and wireless handheld devices, PC card products, home electronics devices, medical products, and automotive telematics systems.

Compliant with WEEE and RoHS directives, the UC is available in a variety of contact heights ranging from 1.3-4.0mm free height. Compressed heights as low as 0.9mm are available. 'Side wings protect the active parts of the contact and prevent the contact from overstressing, while domed contact points allow good hertzian stress and deliver low contact resistance. The UC aids designers by minimising qualification time and providing a standard interface across applications and platforms, as well as freedom of board positioning.

The new connectors are detailed in an application note that can be downloaded free of charge from

01 October 2008

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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