Labelling machines use customised Lenze IPC and HMI

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Lenze industrial PCs are being used on the Markem Cimpak 300 machine that applies unique labels to pallets for international shipment.

Labelling machines use customised Lenze IPC and HMIThe Markem Cimpak 300 machine required an intuitive user interface and a controller that would enable the machine to be operated autonomously or via a network. Markem selected an IPC and touchscreen operator interface from Lenze. This combination has been customised to meet the exact needs of the machine by selecting from a wide range of standard options.

Markem's Cimpak 300 applies labels to pallets using a pneumatic arm. Up to 130 labels an hour can be applied on two sides of the pallet. It can also label a third side if the pallet is moved to a second stop position.

Cimpak labellers are freestanding units with their own IPC control system so that they can work autonomously, for example, if there is a failure of the factory server or network. They normally operate as part of a network with control from a host computer. Markem chose the Lenze IPC because Lenze could offer a customised package from a menu of standard options; for example, Markem could select the CPU power, display and keyboard type, physical size and Windows software. Markem's assembly consists of an IPC mounted in a control cabinet, together with an operator display that is mounted on an arm at the front of the machine. In this way, the IPC is well protected from the operating environment. The operator uses an IP65 screen that is enclosed in a tough aluminium casing. The Lenze PC mounted in the control cabinet has been designed for low-power operation and, with its Celeron 400MHz processor, no cooling fan is required and cabinet construction is easier.

Touchscreen display

At the operator station is a 15inch TFT touchscreen display from the Lenze range of command stations. These products are built into a robust aluminium housing with protection to IP65. Arm-mounting is one of several possible options, giving the operator control over the direction and angle of the display. For the Markem labeller, an MF2 keyboard is fitted, together with function keys and keys for numerals and special characters. The fascia is customised with the Markem logo.

A typical example of how the Cimpak machine is used is in the beverage industry where it labels pallets of bottled drinks. Here cleanliness and washdown requirements mean that an IP65 protected operator display is essential. The Lenze IPC can be positioned away from the operating area in a protected panel. Operators benefit from a large and clear touchscreen display that can be adjusted for position to an individual's needs and has functionality and visualisation customised for optimum machine operation.

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