Fast Turn quick-acting fastener selected for cooler cover

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Unifast's Fast Turn quick-acting fastener has been chosen by award McConnel for an application on its Power Arm range of hedge and verge cutters.

For over 75 years McConnel's machinery has been used worldwide in agriculture and by contractors as well as local and national authorities to maintain safety on highways and other areas where vegetation needs cutting.

Highway verges are cut for road safety purposes to maintain clear visibility areas at junctions and the inside of bends and to provide an area of refuge for pedestrians. This is a competitive market and, with ease-of-service access being a major factor in customer choice, McConnel wanted a quick-release fastening system to meet that requirement and cope with heavy-duty use.

Unifast Fastening Systems' Fast Turn quick-release fastener was selected by McConnel for a newly specified metal cover on its Power Arm; the cover shields a high-capacity oil cooler and debris blower. Fast Turn easily met the client's requirements thanks to its simple installation, easy removability for regular servicing and quick and secure re-attachment.

Fast Turn is a strong system, yet simple to use. It consists of a hardened steel stud, a spring steel or plastic retainer and a slip-on receptacle that only needs to be clipped onto the opposing panel, enabling the installation to be completed in seconds. The fastener, which has strong anti-vibration qualities, only requires a half turn to operate. When undone the stud stays attached to the released panel, so it will not be lost - which is vital when field access is required.

While Fast Turn comes in various head styles, including Wing and Phillips, McConnel opted for a slotted head, which can be opened with a coin if necessary, as this was felt to be the best fit for its customer service requirements.

Follow the link for more information about the Fast Turn quick-acting fastener.

03 December 2008

Unifast Fastening Systems Ltdvisit website
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