Plain bearings last many times longer than linear guides

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Users are finding that Igus lubrication-free DryLin R linear plain bearings can replace rolling element linear guides and give a substantially longer operating life.

Plain bearings last many times longer than linear guidesDryLin R linear plain bearings from Igus UK are lubrication-free, robust and corrosion-resistant. The linear bearings with highly wear-resistant polymers are being used in a variety of applications to replace metallic bushings, resulting in increased service life.

One example is a seat cover testing machine operated by the Lear Corporation, the American automotive components supplier. The DryLin R flange bearings have been in use without any failures for more than one and a half years. The load exerted on them is high in both Y and Z direction, and the bearing stroke is normally short (10-40mm). In contrast, the linear guidance systems used previously had to be replaced after only three months.

An even more drastic example can be found at the Poppe Gummiwarenfabrik rubber factory in Giessen. Here, ball bearings used in a cutting unit for rubber hoses failed after six months, mainly due to heavy soiling by talcum. In the meantime, self-adjusting DryLin R linear plain bearings have been doing the job without any problems whatsoever for the past five years. Another prime example is The Austrian Montan University in Leoben, Steiermark. Here, after bearing guides had previously failed, the decision was taken to use linear plain bearings in a stone cutting machine designed to saw large stone blocks (see photo).

DryLin R

DryLin R linear plain bearings are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear motion. The standard liners are made of iglidur J material for excellent gliding friction coefficients; the high-temperature liners made of iglidur X allow use with a long-term application temperature of up to 250degC. The dimensions of linear plain bearings are compatible with those of linear ball bearings. DryLin bearings run on standard round shafts and can be used with virtually any shaft material.

Furthermore, the special geometry makes DryLin R linear bearings robust even in heavy-duty environments, and ensures a very high level of safety even when running in coarse dirt. The design of the bearing surface, with individual bridges and the interruptions in between, is particularly advantageous here – as is the fact that no lubricant is required. Even if damp dirt does get onto the shaft, it is wiped off by the individual slideways and pushed back into the contactless paths. The bridges of the bearing surfaces then slide over the path, which has been wiped free of all soiling.

The DryLin R range comprises liners and press-in bushings, linear plain bearings, housing bearings and flange housings, as well as slides and linear housings. Suitable shafts and supported shafts as well as end blocks and shaft brackets are also available ex-stock.

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