IP65 inverters eliminate dust-related failures in food factory

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Lenze SMV inverters, which are protected to IP65, have eliminated problems at a biscuit factory where IP20 drives had previously failed prematurely due to the ingress of dust.

IP65 inverters eliminate dust-related failures in food factoryProblems with inverter failures were costing a biscuit factory in Yorkshire in terms of downtime. The problems were investigated and solved by Lenze partner Westin Drives; by changing to the IP65 enclosed SMV inverter, full production was regained, plus there were additional operational benefits.

The failing inverters, typically rated at 0.75kW, were driving conveyors on biscuit production lines. Any stoppage means lost production, and stoppages were frequent due to burnt out inverters. Replacements were sourced from a national catalogue house but, perhaps unwisely in view of the IP20 enclosure, they were not mounted in a sealed panel. Huddersfield-based Westin Drives was called in to investigate and found the inverters were suffering from the ingress of dust. Failures were a result of overheating or, as Westin termed it, the inverters were 'overeating' the biscuit dust.

Password protection

Westin recommended changing to the IP65-enclosed SMV inverters manufactured by Lenze. These are suitable for mounting without an enclosure and the unit's own housing eliminated the dust-related problems. There was a further advantage in that the SMV inverters solved another previous problem wherein operators would adjust the settings of the drives. The SMV has password protection, meaning that the operators have access to the integrated display and keyboard but cannot alter the parameters.

SMV inverters are available for single-phase supplies in power ratings from 0.37 to 2.2kW and three-phase ratings from 0.37 to 7.5kW. An option is an integrated isolator switch that allows safe maintenance working on the machine. In the unlikely event of one needing to be changed, an integrated memory chip enables the stored parameters to be transferred to a new drive in seconds.

Westin Drives is a 'drive solution partner' for Lenze, offering a fast responsive customer service for motors, geared motors and drives. The company has extensive facilities for motor and machine repairs, and can also provide design, panel building and installation services with 24/365 availability.

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