Vessel, agitator and high-shear mixer for flame retardant

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Advanced Engineering has supplied a turnkey package consisting of a mixing vessel, integral agitator and a high-shear mixer/disintegrator to Nanoflam, a rapidly expanding supplier of flame-retardant coatings.

Since setting up in January 2009, Nanoflam Ltd has established itself as the UK's second-largest supplier of flame-retardant coatings to the textile industry, with an annual turnover of around £2m. Of the company's sales, between 75 per cent and 80 per cent are to continental Europe.

Principal factors that have enabled Nanoflam achieve this rapid success is its technical expertise in the chemistry involved and the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Once the formula for the flame retardant had been determined, the best mixing process had to be configured. This was found to be a bulk 6000-litre open-top mixing vessel with an integral agitator and a high-shear mixer/disintegrator, all supplied as a turn-key package from Advanced Engineering.

The agitator achieves an initial mixing of the numerous ingredients but it is the high-shear unit installed at the base of the vessel that effects the real mixing and homogenisation process. Its efficient shearing action ensures rapid and effective wetting and distribution of all components.

Furthermore, while the high efficiency of the Advanced Engineering mixer accelerates the production, it also enhances the quality of the product because of the assured consistent characteristics of the product, which facilitates application by the customer.

Max Smith, Managing Director and owner of Nanoflam, states: "Advanced Engineering has proven to be the ideal supplier. The company responded rapidly to our enquiry, built the package to specification at a competitive price, supplied on time and the system has worked since day one. I would definitely use them again."

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