All-in-one bearing units save cost on vibratory screens

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NSK says that its all-in-one bearing units comprising housings, bearings, seals and fasteners can deliver considerable benefits to manufacturers of vibratory screens.

All-in-one bearing units save cost on vibratory screensNSK's integrated bespoke screen units are providing manufacturers and repairers of vibrating screens with all the benefits of cost and installation savings. The screen units are individually designed by NSK to meet manufacturer's requirements, integrating high-strength housings, vibratory-specification bearings, seals, bolts and washers to create bespoke assemblies that are pre-greased and ready to install. This reduces inventory, installation and warranty costs, and brings the security of a single-source supply.

These screen units deliver all the proven benefits of integrated assembly to the quarrying/extraction industries, thereby helping to improve the competitiveness of screen manufacturers in a number of key ways. First, all of the design work and unit assembly is undertaken by NSK, which reduces in-house design effort, as well as purchasing and stock holding costs. Second, the screen manufacturer does not have to undertake in-house sub-assembly, and final assembly time on the machine is reduced substantially. Third, installation does not require a separate 'clean' bearing assembly area, or in-house heating equipment for fitting bearings into housings.

The bespoke bearing assemblies comprise high-strength SG iron housings, integrating CAM-VS vibratory specification bearings, labyrinth and contact seals, and bolts and washers. The assemblies are pre-greased and ready to fit, with bearing location features and provision for re-greasing.

Smoother and quieter

CAM-VS series spherical roller bearings are designed specifically to provide improved bearing life under severe operating conditions, with NSK claiming that these reduce levels of vibration and noise by between 50 and 60 per cent.

The vibratory specification of the CAM-VS series provides increased fatigue strength against the effects of vibration and shock load conditions. The bearings are manufactured from high-cleanliness steel to improve their operating life and are equipped with brass cages to combat the effects of vibration, operating fatigue, wear and corrosion.

Steve Wilkinson, NSK's Sector Engineer for Quarries and Mines, states: "The cost-saving and ease of installation benefits of integrated assemblies are well understood and appreciated across a number of key industries. We are now bringing these same benefits to screen manufacturers, but with the added advantages of bespoke design and the ability to re-engineer existing designs to achieve key performance improvements."

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