Miniature lead screw provides precision and reliability

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Abssac has developed a miniature (3mm diameter) lead screw for a medical application, creating a high-precision, reliable yet cost-effective product.

Miniature lead screw provides precision and reliabilityMiniature lead screw designs have often been challenging with regards to application performance versus reliability and cost. A recent medical application posed some significant technical obstacles, but these were successfully overcome by Abssac.

A 3mm diameter stainless steel trapezoidal thread form with a 1mm lead provided the basis of the design within an automated micro syringe device. The driven nut was used to provide the linear motion that would accurately dispense the drug. The nut was eventually manufactured from Turcite and incorporated an attachment tang to provide the connection to the syringe plunger. Turcite was suggested for the nut as it is a self-lubricating material. However, in an effort to reduce operational drag further and improve efficiency, the lead screw was also coated with Teflon (PTFE) to create a very low-friction linear assembly.

The final part measured 30mm in length and is supplied complete with a machined journal for the motor connection. Abssac supplies the parts on budget and they have exceeded the reliability and performance demands set by the customer.

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