Movie shows bicycle applications for polymer bearings

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Igus has produced a short movie that shows some of the applications for polymer plain bearings on bicycles.

Movie shows bicycle applications for polymer bearingsIgus polymer bearings are excellent for reducing the friction between moving parts on professional bicycles due to their high performance, low wear and maintenance-free properties.

In bicycles, bearings are found in the wheel hubs, bottom bracket (middle of crank), headset (steering), pedals, brake systems, gear change units, and sometimes other locations. Lubrication-free operation is one of the huge benefits offered by iglidur plain bearings in bicycle applications because of the reduced maintenance. Igus polymer bearings can be 'fit and forget' components, and now this dream has become a reality thanks to decades of research that permit the polymer bearing lifetime to be calculated with great precision.

A well used bike experience a series of stresses in its lifetime. Influential factors such as soiling, weathering, temperature and impact are some of the issues faced. Every year igus conducts over 5000 tests on plain bearings at its laboratory under realistic conditions. These tests focus on load ratings, friction values, wear rates, drive forces and abrasion under all possible conditions at diverse speeds.

In addition to this, igus polymer bearings have the advantage over the traditional steel bearings typically used within the bicycle industry simply because they are resistant to dirt and corrosion, low in weight, as well as achieving longer lifecycles - which, in turn, results in a lower cost.

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