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Autodesk reports that more businesses across the European marine technology, wave and tidal power sectors are implementing its software following the launch of its Clean Tech Partner Program.

The Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program provides Digital Prototyping software, including Autodesk Inventor, to clean technology start-ups to design, visualise and simulate products before they are built, to accelerate time to market and to innovate more rapidly.

New companies across the marine energy sector already benefiting from the programme include: Serbian marine renewable development company Poduhvat; Finnish wave energy development company Wello; and UK-based marine energy group IT Power.

Erwin Burth, business development manager for clean tech at Autodesk in Europe, comments: "The marine energy sector is still in its earliest stages, almost a generation behind wind energy in terms of its development. The focus is on experimenting to find devices that will reliably capture energy. That is why Autodesk design software can be so key in helping pioneering companies in this sector to test out their ideas and find innovative solutions to the most pressing marine energy challenges."

Poduhvat focuses on harnessing tidal power and on generating energy from ocean currents through its pioneering mobile underwater platform (MUP). Through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, the company is using a broad range of Autodesk software packages, including Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Showcase, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Algor Simulation. Predrag Paunovic, the managing director, says: "In a short time, we have already achieved a broad range of benefits from the Autodesk software solutions. Inventor has allowed us to develop our ideas, design platform components and carry out basic simulation. The use of visualisation software like 3ds Max and Showcase enables us to streamline the decision-making process while enhancing the quality of our marketing campaigns."

Wello plans to use Autodesk software including Autodesk Inventor to help design, test and modify its pioneering wave energy convertor. It is currently developing a prototype version and expects to move into the commercial development phase soon.

In its role as lead partner in an EU-funded consortium, IT Power is using Digital Prototyping software from Autodesk to develop an innovative tidal energy device for Pulse Tidal Ltd; this device uses oscillating horizontal hydrofoils instead of traditional rotating blades to generate energy. As well as producing a 3D model of the design, IT Power has been using Dynamic Simulation within Inventor to animate the Pulse device. Tim Twibell, Senior Engineer at IT Power, states: "This has saved us time, effort and money. We have a visual display of the motions of the mechanism, and we can calculate forces wherever we choose within the device."

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