Bearings from igus help enhance the movie and gaming experience

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Plastic replaces PTFE-lined metal bearings for entertainment seating

Bearings from igus help enhance the movie and gaming experienceD-BOX Technologies – a designer and manufacturer of motion systems for the entertainment industry – approached plastic bearing specialist igus to replace expensive PTFE-lined metal bearings in its home theatre, gaming and cinema seats.

The seats use three types of intelligent movement – subtle pitch, roll and heave – to move the occupant gently forwards and backwards, from side to side, and up and down. That, combined with encoded vibrations, meant the bearings had to be robust, yet cost-effective.

While price was an important factor for the company’s bearing replacement decision, D-BOX was also experiencing a shortened lifespan with its current bearing choice and found that they produced excessive noise during operation. After consultation with igus experts, engineers from D-BOX selected iglidur plastic plain bearings and igubal pillow block bearings as replacements.

iglidur W300 plastic plain bearings are used in the seat’s actuator because they are easy to install, have a long lifespan and can be purchased directly from stock. These factors have created a number of production benefits for D-BOX and its customers, including shorter manufacturing processes, enhanced performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

D-BOX uses igubal pillow block bearings to enable its seats to pivot; these bearings are particularly suitable because they compensate for misalignment and, like iglidur W300, are easy to install and available from stock.

As with all igus plastics bearings, iglidur W300 plain bearings and igubal pillow blocks are also lubrication free, vibration dampening and highly wear resistant. They additionally withstand heavy loads, which is important as the seat performs various types of motion, for people of all sizes.

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