UVJet films for specialist screen printing processes

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Specially engineered film enables French company Oxygravure to use the latest UV flatbed technology as a reliable alternative to conventional screen-printing processes

UVJet films for specialist screen printing processesMacDermid Autotype’s SigmaGraF UVJet Outdoor film has helped French company Oxygravure – a specialist in screen printing for the aerospace industry founded in 1978 – grow its business and reduce its production costs. This specially engineered film has enabled the company to use the latest digital technology in UV flatbed printers, including OcĂ© machines, speeding up its response time and customisation processes for membrane keyboards and outdoor/indoor nameplates.

Many projects handled by Oxygravure are in the medical sector, typically for the manufacture of measuring device front panels, or pressure and remote controls for hospital beds. They also include controls for pool robots and all types of exterior signage.

Since 2010, Oxygravure has been using SigmaGraF UVJet Outdoor film from MacDermid Autotype on UV flatbed printers as a reliable alternative to conventional screen-printing processes. This advanced film delivers Oxygravure considerable savings; particularly for short runs.

Sebastian Trautmann, Industrial Director of Oxygravure explains: “These days customers have increasingly restricted budgets or require only very small quantities of membrane keyboards or graphics panels. Digital printing allows us to meet their demands at rates that correspond to the fixed costs of screen printing alone. It is also much easier for us to produce extremely complex visuals digitally, regardless of the image or number of colours.”

A key feature of the UVJet Outdoor film is its durability for exterior applications, as Sebastian confirms: “During in-house qualification of SigmaGraF UVJet Outdoor with one of our main customers, we were attracted by the excellent adhesion of digital inks and anti-UV treatment, which make this film ideal for extensive use outdoors.”

He continues: “With SigmaGraF UVJet Outdoor it is possible to have a film that can be used both inside and outdoors. This high-performance film offers exceptional visual clarity with exacting colour and graphic definition creating a true image representation.”

Durable and resistant

SigmaGraF UVJet film also offers excellent durability and resistance thanks to a proprietary coating developed by MacDermid Autotype. This makes the film both resistant to sunlight, and to scratches, chemicals and solvents, guaranteeing full protection of the image.

Sebastian Trautmann adds, “The MacDermid Autotype films are so versatile that they can also be screen printed, allowing us to use the same film regardless of the production process or length of run. This is what makes them so valuable. In fact, we are now able to buy a single film and use it to produce interior panels, membrane switches for hospital beds, or panels for outdoor displays. We can now meet the expectations of our clients – even the most demanding ones. And, since only one surface has to be printed, production costs are also scaled down – which is very much appreciated these days.”

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