Titan Motorsport discovers PLM benefits from Autodesk

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Cloud-based Autodesk PLM 360 cuts key business process time from weeks to days, enabling smaller enterprises to streamline business processes

Titan Motorsport has become the latest UK business to install Autodesk PLM 360, a cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management systems. The automotive component manufacturer has already used the system to improve its workflow, reducing Quote-to-Order times from 14 days to just 3 days, and now plans to streamline further business processes. Mark Martin, Titan systems manager says: “We find it takes longer to think about the new workflow than it does to build it with PLM 360.”

Titan needed to connect and integrate data from multiple software systems outside its main design tools (Autodesk Product Design Suite) and its core ERP system to simplify internal processes and make it easier to share product information across the entire business. Martin says: “We’d never even contemplated investing in a PLM system before this. We saw PLM as a solution for large enterprises only, not something a smaller business would consider. However, all it took was a 15 minute demo by our Autodesk reseller, Micro Concepts and I was convinced that Autodesk PLM 360 could solve the issue.”

Titan Motorsport began its life over 30 years ago designing and developing race cars and engines. Since then it has built on its reputation, growing into an engineering company that now supplies components to high-performance sports car manufacturers and employs over 50 staff. It has always made a point of investing in the latest technologies, but more recently this has added an extra layer of complexity to its operations.

Martin says: “All our software solutions fulfil a distinct task and have their own workflow, but managing and integrating them has become increasingly difficult. One business process was causing a particular headache. When we mapped out our internal processes for handling initial enquiries it was clearly over complicated and drawn out.

“Autodesk PLM has enabled us to centralise the data so that anyone within the organisation can access it at any time via a web connection, knowing that it is always current and reliable. This is leading to faster, better-informed decisions and, ultimately enhanced customer service as we respond more promptly to enquiries.”

Toolbox of applications

As Autodesk PLM 360 is a web application with no server and no software to deploy, Titan was able to begin using the system in minutes. Autodesk Subscription customers who sign up receive a complete toolbox of applications and are then free to use what they need, when they need it, paying only for what they use. Martin notes: “This flexibility means we’ve been able to prioritise, focusing on the processes that needed most attention first, knowing that we can develop new areas in our own time.”

Brenda Discher, vice president of Manufacturing Industry Strategy & Marketing at Autodesk, says: “Titan is just the kind of company Autodesk had in mind when developing PLM 360. PLM has many benefits such as providing more streamlined business processes, efficient product development, higher product quality and improved profitability. But, before this, PLM solutions were mostly only suitable for large enterprises that could bear the expense and complexity. Autodesk PLM 360 is affordable, easy to use and simple to deploy, making the benefits available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

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