Miniature lead screws are cost-effective and high-performance

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Abssac has developed cost-effective, high-performance miniature lead screw assemblies for two mechatronic applications in the medical sector.

Miniature lead screws are cost-effective and high-performanceAbssac has succeeded in developing cost-effective, high-performance miniature lead screws for a customer in the medical industry by drawing on over 30 years' experience in this field. The miniature lead screws use 3mm and 2mm diameter stainless steel trapezoidal thread forms with a 1mm lead. The bespoke nut designs on both applications were used to accurately translate rotary to linear motion; the nuts are machined from Turcite and incorporate unique attachment tangs. Turcite was selected because of its self-lubricating characteristics. To reduce operational drag on the 2mm diameter screw still further, this lead screw was Teflon-coated.

The final parts measured 30mm and 20mm in length and were supplied complete with a machined end journals for motor and bearing connection. Abssac supplied the parts on budget and they have exceeded the reliability and performance demands set by the customer.

Abssac's lead screw ranges can incorporate any type of thread form required. In addition, the company offers further journal end machining, gun drilling, screw hardening and special coating treatments to suit any application requirements.

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