Semiflex precision offset couplings used in glass coating system

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Abssac has supplied Semiflex precision offset couplings for use in a number of glass coating systems where high performance and vacuum compatibility are essential.

Semiflex precision offset couplings used in glass coating systemAbssac supplies Semiflex precision offset couplings and can configure these products for applications in the vacuum industry. For example, Semiflex couplings have been specified for machinery used in the innovative field of glass coating.

With an ever increasing demand worldwide for Low-E glass, there is a need for machines capable of high vacuum operation and continuous substrate flows. The development of such equipment has enabled manufacturers to deliver substantial improvements in glass stability, optical appearance, scratch resistance and standard solar control coatings.

Glass coating equipment needs drive shaft couplings that handle high torques, maintain constant velocity and have high reliability. Semiflex shaft couplings are preferred for connecting rotary vane pumps and Roots blowers for exactly this reason. Used within sputtering machines, Semiflex shaft couplings are both compact and extremely torsionally stiff. Moreover, Semiflex shaft couplings are also very efficient during operation, with no restoring forces required to maintain shaft alignment. This is an advantage because the machines can have as many as ten stages, all requiring accurate drive connection.

Follow the link for more information about Semiflex shaft couplings, or consult Abssac about shaft coupling applications requiring standard or customised products, as the company's knowledgeable and experienced engineers can ensure that shaft couplings are matched to the particular application's requirements.

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