igus technology can reduce noise in wind turbines

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Plastic parts from igus UK are being used within wind power applications from the development stage right through to the final production unit.

igus technology can reduce noise in wind turbinesCommon problems within wind power plants are not only the noise pollution that is generated, but also the high maintenance requirements of the turbines themselves. igus parts, however, differ from the generic standard mechanical parts due to technical properties such as self-lubrication, resulting in smooth operation and low noise. The iglidur PRT dry-running slewing ring bearing can be used for high torques over any diameter and its plastic iglidur J sliding elements are maintenance and lubrication free.

A suitable option for guiding cables within rotary movements is the RBR (Reverse Bend Radius) energy chain, which allows rotary movements of up to 540 degrees. Also, the cables are kept compact and protected inside the machine.

At the core of the wind turbine another versatile product from igus is the Twister Band energy chain which can be used in installations either horizontally or vertically. It provides uninterrupted rotations of up to 7000 degrees and circular motions in small spaces. Complementing this is the triflex R 3D energy chain, a multi-axis energy supply system that provides safe rotation up to +/- 10degrees torsion per chain link.

The dry-running nature of the plastic parts, combined with extreme weather-resistant properties, reduces maintenance and overall running costs whilst increasing productivity. igus products undergo a rigorous series of tests within real-life environments and applications to ensure that a high-quality and robust product can be delivered effectively.

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