Pillow block bearings for solar and food industries

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igubal pillow block bearings from igus are proving suitable for a wide range of applications within the solar technology and food industries. Thanks to their properties, including resistance to temperatures of up to 80degC, these innovative bearings can be used wherever there are severe fluctuations in temperature.

Pillow block bearings for solar and food industries With an inside diameter tolerance of E10 and a shaft tolerance of h6 to h9, igus pillow block bearings accommodate shaft misalignments, allowing for tilting and bending applications. In addition, their spherical movement prevents edge loads.

Advantages of using iglubal bearings include dry running and corrosion-free properties, resistance to harsh chemicals, light-weight design and high radial loads. In addition, these state-of-the-art bearings are virtually maintenance free, easy to install, space saving and have a predictable lifespan, in line with the igus ‘plastics for longer life’ mantra.

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