Fully automatic coupling of e-chains for cranes

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igus has developed its e-rover to supply Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes with both electrical power and data. This allows the RTG to switch from diesel power to electrical power, saving thousands of pounds per year in diesel costs.

The e-rover system can feed cranes with any different media type (electrical power and data, fibre optic cables, fluids, etc.) in a single compact energy chain system and can work in travel lengths up to 800m.

At the heart of the e-rover is a fully automatic coupling and uncoupling system which connects the energy chain system to the crane, requiring no manual intervention to go from diesel to electrical power and back again. This means the crane can operate quietly and efficiently under electrical power whilst working in straight line stacks of containers, and revert to diesel power when moving around the port and between the stacking areas.

To watch a short clip on the e-rover in action, please follow the link: For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please go to

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