Space savings made simple with Cube67 fieldbus system

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P&S Maschinenbau GmbH’s cutting machines are well known in today’s market. They are preparing for the future with a new installation concept based on Murrelektronik’s Cube67 fieldbus system. Cube67 creates more space in the cabinet, simplifies installation and offers comprehensive diagnostics.

Space savings made simple with Cube67 fieldbus systemPrior to using Cube67, the cutting machine sensors and actuators were connected by single wire connections to the coupling units in the cabinet. This took a lot of time and the coupling units and output terminals required a lot of space in the cabinet. In order to provide space for possible future expansions of the machine, the P&S Maschinenbau electrical engineers looked for a new way to create space in the control cabinet.

A fieldbus system is a good approach. However, in that type of system, the components are “relocated” from the cabinet into the harsh industrial environment, where they are exposed to demanding conditions. They could come into contact with oils or with carbide grinding dust. Therefore, the engineers decided on an installation concept using Murrelektronik’s Cube67 modular fieldbus system. The fully potted compact modules are robust and sealed, allowing them to be moved to the field, thus achieving the primary objective of creating more space in the cabinet.

The Cube67 installation concept provides even more benefits to P&S Maschinenbau GmbH. Installation time is reduced considerably because, with Cube67, one connection cable is all that is needed to connect the bus node to the individual distribution boxes. This green hybrid cable supplies power and transfers data simultaneously. The pin-level diagnostics of a Cube67 system are another attractive feature. In the event of a failure, the diagnostic tools allow a technician to find (and fix) the problem immediately without having to search the machine, increasing machine-operating time. In some cases, remote maintenance is also possible, because with Cube67 you can switch each individual channel from a distance. This is an important tool, especially for smaller companies, where one machine operator may be responsible for many different machines or systems.

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