BOGE Paintline compressor drives classic motor car restoration

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BOGE Compressors is delivering reliable compressed air to Classic Motor Cars Ltd for use throughout its car restoration processes. The BOGE Paintline compressor and BOGE EasiFit Pipework system, specified and supplied by BOGE Platinum Partner Diaphragm Pumps, have provided an approach that is dependable, energy efficient and quiet, meeting the requirements of the company and bringing peace of mind and consistent performance over long periods of operation.

BOGE Paintline compressor drives classic motor car restorationFounded in 1993, Classic Motor Cars Ltd is one of the world’s leading restorers of rare and historic Jaguars, such as SS100, XK150, MK2, E-type, and XJS models. The highly experienced team of engineers and technicians undertake the complete restoring process in-house in a modern 40,000 square foot facility in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Compressed air is required in almost every phase of the mechanical and body work repair processes, from powering air-operated drills and wrenches to atomising paint using spray guns.

Nick Goldthorp, Managing Director of Classic Motor Cars Ltd, says: “Following our move to a new workshop early in 2014, we required a replacement air compressor that would meet our compressed air needs, would be as quiet as possible and deliver excellent energy efficiency. The new Paintline compressor from BOGE has given us exactly that, as well as uninterrupted service for nine hours a day and genuine value for money. The specification and installation process was simple and the consultation team from Diaphragm Pumps were professional and helpful throughout.”

BOGE Screw Compressors offer significant advantages not only through reliability but also through reduced noise emissions and improved energy efficiency. For example, the integrated frequency control of the screw compressor series reduces idling times and eliminates pressure fluctuations to reduce energy consumption. Volume flow in BOGE Screw Compressors continuously adapts to meet demand, which means less compressed air, and therefore less energy, is used. The compact BOGE C series compressors also minimise external pipework and the associated risk of leakage, while reducing pressure losses at the same time.

The new Paintline compressor supplied is designed specifically for spray finishing applications. It is an all-in-one system, which utilises the C series compressor, compressed air treatment and condensate disposal supplied all in one package. This results in very pure, oil-free compressed air being produced that meets the specific requirements of surface finishers. BOGE Paintline attains class 1 purity where solid impurities and residual oil content are concerned, and class 4 purity where water content is concerned. Maintenance costs are kept at a minimum while efficiency is maximised.

BOGE EasiFit Airline System is a high-quality aluminium piping system that uses airtight connectors. It is quick and ‘easy’ to install with no welding required. Available in diameters from 20mm up to 63mm, it is corrosion, fire and UV resistant and is a very cost-effective alternative to traditional galvanised pipe systems. The smooth aluminium internal bore offers improved efficiency by reducing friction and pressure drops in an installed system.

Nick explains: “Compressed air is an essential component in the restoring process, so it’s vital that the team has peace of mind that the compressor is operating at optimal performance levels and delivering what we need from it. Our experience with BOGE’s distribution partner Diaphragm Pumps has been positive from start to finish, from initial contact to after sales, and the Paintline compressor has been an excellent recommendation.”

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