ZeroK specify Variohm VLP position sensor in electric kart

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ZeroK is an all-electric racing kart power system, the brainchild of designer and driver James Davies. During 2015 various iterations of the kart have been built and tested with the aim that ZeroK will be introduced as a competition class of its own. Competing against other ZeroK teams and potentially providing young drivers a new route to Formula E – and of course thrilling karting enthusiasts in the UK and further afield.

ZeroK specify Variohm VLP position sensor in electric kartBeing electric, the kart is almost silent with enormous torque for swift, lag free acceleration, a top speed of over 70mph, and 0–60mph in around 4.5 seconds. Recent power system developments have included a new supercharged controller, heavier cables and new motor/electrics cooling that delivers up to 40hp with a short-term potential of 80hp and a larger capacity hot swappable battery. To allow James Davies to finely control all this power, the ZeroK team turned to Variohm EuroSensor and specified its motorsports proven VLP series linear position sensor for the kart’s throttle pedal control.

With its dual seal design the VLP provides extended reliability for the demanding race track conditions the kart needs to endure. With essentially infinite resolution and 0.1 per cent linearity, its repeatable and consistent performance translates into optimal throttle control. The sensor features a conductive plastic resistance element and multi-fingered precious metal wipers in an elastomer damped mechanism to ensure smooth and uninterrupted contact – even under the most arduous physical and environmental conditions. It certainly meets with the driver’s approval. Chris McCarthy Test Driver for Karting Magazine says: “The VLP helps keeps the power smooth through all speeds and conditions on the track.”

The VLP linear position sensor is used across motorsports for ride height, steering angle, gearshift and suspension as well as throttle control for 4- and 2-wheel high-performance cars and bikes.

Zero K has a modular battery system with swappable packs, allowing back to back racing with reduced delay between races. Runtime is between 10–20mins and charging takes approximately 40mins. With no emissions, and almost zero noise it’s suitable for tracks with noise pollution restrictions. It features Bluetooth Tablet integration for driver display and infinite custom driver settings, allowing for drivers of all skill levels.

At present ZeroK is in prototyping stage, and is looking for sponsorship to help grow and develop v13, its most advanced version so far. For more information about Zero K see To learn more about the VLP series linear position sensor visit

28 September 2015

Variohm-EuroSensor Ltdvisit website
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