Electronification boosts construction machine's capabilities

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By adopting Bosch Rexroth's electronification concept, a manufacturer of specialist construction machinery has created a new machine with unparalleled capabilities.

Electronification boosts construction machine's capabilitiesSoilmec is a manufacturer of drilling and foundation equipment, with the company's latest SR-75 hydraulic piling machine demonstrating what can be achieved with variable, electronically driven components in tough construction environments. One of the key drivers for technological development in large-scale construction vehicles has been the need for multi-purpose equipment.

Utilising multi-functioning interconnected drives, controls, pumps and hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth, Soilmec's new SR-75 hydraulic piling machine performs five different specialised drilling disciplines:

  1. Kelly drilling
  2. Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
  3. Cased Augured / Secant Piles (CAP/CSP)
  4. Displacement Piles (DP and TCT)
  5. Turbojet (TJ)

Previously each of the specialist piling techniques would require a dedicated machine. However, development at a component and systems level meant Soilmec is now able to achieve five functions with one machine, and without compromising any given discipline. The interface between Rexroth components and Soilmec hardware enables the company to take advantage of proportional control to achieve high design specification and multi-functioning performance.

Programmable control delivers new versatility

Kevin Follows, the Manager of Application Engineering, Mobile, at Bosch Rexroth, says that increased electronification has delivered substantial benefits for OEMs and end users: "Latest developments in variable electronic drives and controls mean we can programme any number of functions at control level in a way that would be extremely difficult to achieve by taking a mechanical approach."

Multi-function and electronic drives have been integral to securing major contracts. Steve Joynson, Plant and Fabrication Director at Cementation Skanska, says: "To cater for the required highly specialised drilling functions, we now only procure one multi-functioning machine, saving our clients huge machine investment."

Key to the SR-75's design is the multi-functioning parallelogram at the front of the machine. This incorporates four hydraulic cylinders that control the raising and levelling of the mast to ensure the accuracy of the rotary rig. This precise positioning of the drill head ensures a fully aligned bore hole.

Designed by Soilmec engineers, the parallelogram enables the machine to compensate itself automatically by linkage instructed by Rexroth control valves. The Rexroth big block control cylinders operate the drill head, positioning and winch on the parallelogram from the main control cabinet.

Kevin Follows explains: "The unique Soilmec engineering solution facilitates the SR-75's parallelogram to ensure optimum manoeuvrability and precision. The two lift rams allow the jib to go up and down for transport and access, with additional cylinders that move the drill head into position. Electronically controlled pumps, valves and motors take out the potential of the machine going out of calibration or phase. This ensures the SR-75 is functioning at optimum performance - essential for a sensitive machine operating in difficult environments."

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