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Wieland Electric has provided a compactor control system for Pearce Compaction Systems that has increased performance levels, whilst ensuring that the company complies with all the necessary standards.

When new Harmonised EN Standard, EN 16500:2014, a new construction guide to the safety of vertical compactors and balers, was introduced it brought with it some challenges, with the electrical and mechanical safety of these press machines being outlined. Wieland worked closely to assist Pearce Compaction in understanding and reacting to the standard in line with the machinery Directive for the company’s vertical balers.

Pearce Compaction Systems is a family-owned business that has been established in the recycling industry since 1869. Now a leading integrated service provider, the company offers an extensive range of recycling services and equipment that are tailored to suit your recycling needs. With this in mind, Wieland also assessed the company’s current machines in order to offer the best safety & interface package to ensure that their machines would comply, without heavily impacting financially on overall costs.

To be able to achieve this, not only were the safety systems assessed but also the total control, both electrically and mechanically, looking at where improvements and/or cost savings could be made, whilst assuring that everything adhered to the new standard.

The final design resulted in the replacement of part of the original control system and, instead, using the SamosPRO Compact Programmable Controller for all the safety control of their Two Hand Control, Emergency Stop circuit and mechanical safety. Doing this not only reduced the number of components within the system, but by also moving the relay control and safety to a software-based programmable system, Pearce has gained flexibility and customisation to the type of systems that they could then offer their customers, including new features such as bale full counters, reordering of strap indicators, and number of hours used.

Wieland’s solution for Pearce has enabled full compliance with the new standard and an increase the machinery performance level of the system. It has also enabled a reduction in costs without any performance or safety compromise, along with additional functionality and reliability, increasing sales for Pearce with their fully compliant systems. Go to for more information.

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