Maintenance-free on the road with igus linear technology

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Long service life, maintenance-free and robust: these are the requirements for components used in the interior construction of high-quality camping vehicles. They fit like a glove into the interior and must last for at least 15 years without inspections or maintenance. This also applies to removable kitchens or office systems that provide comfort and practicality to make the vehicle fit for a holiday or business meeting. Here components of the drylin W linear system are at your service with smooth and easy adjustments.

Maintenance-free on the road with igus linear technologyCustom-Bus Camping Vans based at Langenhagen near Hannover, Germany customises camper vans, RVs, motor homes and now turns Volkswagen T6 vans into office vehicles. The company, which employs 10 people, customises around 80 vehicles every year.

Craig Kammeyer, company founder and CEO of Custom-Bus Camping Vans says: “We develop and produce all the components of the interior. At the same time, an appealing workmanship has top priority.”

The Custom-Bus Multi model contains a kitchen box as a standard in the interior. The handle-free system has sink, stove extractor, freezer compartment and storage space and weighs about 35kg. The ‘Business’ version replaces the kitchen with an office system that weighs around 15kg and contains everything a mobile office needs, such as a multifunction printer or a folding conference table. The special feature: each box moves via a sliding unit integrated in the furniture and removed easily.

In the search for suitable sliding elements, Craig Kammeyer assessed many linear systems. Floor rails or re-circulating ball guide systems, were quickly taken from the list for several reasons.

Craig Kammeyer explains: “They have to be lubricated. Over time dirt will stick to the lubricant, which would impair the smoothness of the sliding system. In addition, these systems are expensive and do not fit well into the filigree construction of the interior. igus drylin W linear systems solve all these problems.”

Between the rail, which is made of hard anodised aluminium, and the carriage there is a bearing surface of abrasion-resistant iglidur plastic, which provides very good results in terms of friction and wear. Solid dry lubricants are incorporated within in the material. This means that the bearings provide the long-term, maintenance-free dry operation. According to the company’s requirements, the system is not an inspection part and meets the required service life of at least 15 years.

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