Robust, high-performance shaft couplings used in baking lines

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In large European bakeries, the baking lines for the manufacture of baguettes sometimes run around the clock. The machines and all their components must therefore be able to cope with high levels of strain. For this reason, one manufacturer utilises the robust and high-performance ROBA-DS shaft couplings by mayr power transmission in their systems. The couplings are easily able to withstand the temperature differences between the oven and the cooling or freezing lines and are maintenance-free – for reliable and smooth operation.

According to popular tradition, a baker from Vienna who moved to Paris around 1830 is said to have baked French baguette for the first time. Back then, the bread was produced through arduous manual labour; today, many bakeries use modern machines and systems and – depending on the size of the business – in part also fully automated baking lines. In such systems, all the process steps from the production of dough and kneading via fermenting lines and the oven, right up to cooling and freezing systems and finally the packaging are integrated.

In order to combine the many units, one manufacturer relies in their systems on the tried and tested ROBA-DS disk pack couplings by mayr power transmission. Ralf Epple, Product Manager at mayr power transmission in Mauerstetten, explains regarding the requirements: “The diversity of variations and flexibility, amongst other things, were important for the customer.” In this way, for example, ROBA-DS couplings with radially divisible split clamping hubs permit the simple and fast installation of large modules. These modules are positioned and aligned on-site, and only then connected with the shaft. Smaller modules which are prefabricated beforehand can simply be installed via couplings with clamping hubs. “Our ROBA-DS series features a wide range of standard modules with a multitude of different hubs and intermediate sleeves. The customer can procure what they require from a single source and doesn’t have to deviate to a different coupling series.

The baking lines for the manufacture of baguettes are sometimes used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For this reason, the couplings which transmit the torques must be able to withstand the high levels of strain. The ROBA-DS disk pack couplings are robust, reliable and temperature-resistant. In this way, for example, they can be easily used on the drives in the ovens, where in part temperatures of up to 150degC are generated. And these couplings are also well able to withstand temperatures of -40degC in the freezing lines. In the food industry in general, some areas frequently demand additional corrosion protection. Depending on the application, couplings with coating or special designs in stainless steel are used. The ROBA-DS shaft couplings are wear-free and thus reduce the necessary maintenance work to a minimum. They ensure reliable and smooth operation.

High performance density combined with backlash-free function

Ralf Epple continues: “Due to two further characteristics, the couplings are particularly suitable for use in the baking lines. On the one hand, ROBA-DS disk pack couplings transmit the torque backlash-free and with extremely high torsional rigidity. On the other hand, the couplings feature particularly high performance density. Unique design details on the disk packs and the use of specially shaped collar bushings provide a backlash-free flow of force with excellent force flow density between the input and output. These characteristics are particularly advantageous in the dough kneading systems, in which high forces are frequently applied and in which the load scenarios are not homogeneous due to slowly alternating torques. Here, couplings subject to backlash cannot be used.”

The nominal torques stated in the ROBA-DS disk pack couplings catalogue can be used without any restrictions. A reduction of the nominal torque due to misalignment, load collectives or balance requirements is not necessary. The couplings not only feature high performance density, but are also compact and can be installed in small spaces. Providers who have to take the misalignments and alternating torques into consideration during dimensioning frequently have to offer a larger coupling with the same nominal torque and also the same speed. ROBA-DS disk pack couplings transmit torques up to the nominal torque without any backlash whatsoever and with consistently high torsional rigidity. The stated shaft misalignments can be fully exploited without influencing the transmittable torque.

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12 November 2018

Mayr Transmissions Ltdvisit website
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