Essentra Components helps Bax Metaal meet tight timescales

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Essentra Components’ customer Bax Metaal is based in the Netherlands and is at the forefront in technologies that enable them to produce custom products in composite sheet metal and tubular constructions. When they needed components to produce frames for a newly developed bed range, Essentra Components supported them to beat tight deadlines in order to deliver on their customer’s brief.

The challenge for Essentra Components was to support Bax Metaal’s reputation for quality, reliability and speed which means they had to achieve the very highest standards in the shortest amount of time. Tasked with creating frames for a new box spring bed, the specific challenge was to efficiently manufacture levelling feet with a plastic insert and bumper for an all-round cost-effective assembly.

The Essentra Components solution was based on a well-established local relationship. Bax Metaal turned to Essentra Components for support and expertise, supplying them with drawings from the bed manufacturer’s R&D department. After extensive discussions, Essentra Components provided free samples to support the assembly of the prototypes.

Then with Bax Metaal’s tight deadline in mind, Essentra Components identified standard options from the product range: a threaded insert, an adjustable foot and a bumper with required hardness and specific dimensions. This programme provided Bax Metaal with the perfect solution comfortably within their timeframe, without additional expense.

Mathijs Kox, Director, Bax Metaal comments: “Essentra Components has proven itself to be a reliable solutions provider working in partnership with us from the start. Together we delivered a fantastic result, saving 425 hours in assembly time.”

The end result was that Essentra’s ongoing relationship with Bax Metaal helped produce the required solution within demanding time constraints on a controlled budget where they saved on assembly costs with the threaded insert, adjustable foot and bumper delivered pre-mounted as one item. The efficiency that resulted from the pre-mounted option meant that Bax Metaal workers completed the bed frame assembly faster. From the initial discussion, the first beds appeared in showrooms 10–12 weeks later, maximising productivity and cost-efficiency.

Essentra Components continues to provide local support to Bax Metaal, providing fast, hassle-free, and cost-efficient service and products. Essentra’s local support and stockholding means that Bax Metaal has the reassurance that their needs will always be fulfilled. The project has now been adopted and is ongoing, deepening an already strong relationship.

Mathijs Kox, Director, Bax Metaal is delighted with the relationship, explaining that: “Essentra Components’ flexibility and capability to deliver the same day means we are able to support the ongoing demands from our customers, hassle free.”

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12 February 2020

Essentra Components Ltdvisit website
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