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News articles

Fast cable selection with readycable product finder
Video shows how to set up the igus PPDS
robolink drive units for articulated joints
igus polymer products for medical applications at Medtec UK
igus announces manus awards 2015 are open for entries
igus to focus on optimised production processes at show
‘iglidur on tour’ car completes UK leg
Considering the lengths of linear tables
drylin room gantry for 3D movements
Easy lengthening and shortening of polymer e-chain
Making linear module calculations easy
Fast assembly of the world’s largest polymer energy chain
Lose weight with the igus dry-tech diet
igus to exhibit new products at Advanced Engineering Show 2014
Eliminating bearing failure at low temperatures
igus unveils articulated robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom
igus says YES to University of Birmingham’s Formula Students
RoHS update: environmental benefits of iglidur bearings
igus awards UK vector award for floating pontoon application
See igus products for machine builders and OEMs
Chainflex cables beat standard cables in dynamic applications
speedicut rapid machining from igus now even more versatile
igus Sales Engineers now all CSCS Certified
The car with plastic bearings travels the world
igus offers free on-site shows
Second-generation readycable finder from igus
igus roadshow - request a visit to your premises
igus exhibits energy chains and bearings at ABTT 2014
igus launches new interactive blog
igus to showcase bearing, e-chain and cable products at Hillhead
igus dry-tech lab performs 7000 tests a year
Modified car undertakes world tour to showcase iglidur bearings
Chainflex guarantee covers number of cycles performed
igus scoops three iF design awards for innovative product design
Online technical data sheets available for chainflex cables
igus shows cable assemblies and readychains at MACH 2014
chainflex custom cable configurator from igus
igus on tour for iglidur’s 30th anniversary
Enter the igus vector award competition 2014
igus to showcase compact readychain delivery system
igus manus UK award won for humanoid robot bearings
igus dry-tech sample box aids bearing selection process
See how igus achieves high quality in bearings and energy chains
Plastic parts from igus at Advanced Engineering Show 2013
igus exhibits world’s largest energy chain at Offshore Europe
igus exhibits high-performance plastic bearings and robotics
Find the right product with free samples from igus
See new bearings and energy chains at Machine Building Show
igus exhibits high-performance plastic bearings at DSEI 2013
igus exhibits largest plastic energy chain at Offshore Europe
iglidur bearing material is tested for durability
igus exhibits new e-spool energy chain system at ABTT show 2013
igus exhibits maintenance-free plastic bearings at Subcon 2013
igus speedifit service delivers complete sub-assemblies
igus UK bearings and cabling at Southern Manufacturing 2013
igus to exhibit at International Armoured Vehicles 2013
British engineering celebrated with igus vector awards
igus speedicut service delivers custom parts in 24 hours
Miniature linear drives and cabling at Engineering Design Show
igus UK at Midlands Design & Manufacturing Show 2012
igus bearings, energy chains and chainflex cables at MACH 2012
MBP Concepts wins igus UK manus Most Eye-Catching Design Award
Trailerteq wins igus UK manus Plastic Bearing Innovation Award
See igus bearings, energy chains and cables at Interplas
New catalogue of polymer bearings published by igus
Movie presents latest developments in polymer bearings
New movie shows versatility of igus energy chains
Igus celebrates 20 years of business in the UK
2011 Manus awards winners named by Igus
Five-point checklist for specifying Energy Chains
Movie explains Igus speedigus rapid moulding service
Igus announces 2010 Vector Award winners
speedigus custom moulded plain bearings shipped in 24 hours
New Igus products at Advanced Manufacturing show
Igus opens support centre in the Republic of Ireland
Free energy chain inspections for summer shutdowns
Free samples of Energy Chains and Chainflex cables
Igus releases QuickPin 2.0 online pinout configurator
Igus named 'Supplier of the Year' by IMA Klessmann
Access Igus energy chain data via a mobile phone
Igus announces business expansion and Vector Awards
See energy chain innovations at Automatica 2008
Igus to show bar stock and cables at Southern Manufacturing
Igus offers free samples to students and trainee engineers
Regional robotics roadshow offers plenty to see

Product articles

magsnap magnetic adapter keeps energy chains on track
drylin E gantries from stock for XY, XZ and XYZ applications
Quick assembly tools for E4 e-chains
Offset adjustment for energy chains with FTA
Maintenance-free, quiet, clean and hygienic positioning systems
Products to help the medical industry from igus
guidefast: the quick e-chain trough for indoor cranes from igus
Best of robolink from igus
Chainflex ASI bus cable for dynamic machinery applications
Square profile linear guide with adjustable clearance from igus
Connect and go with the new readychain speed from igus
New e-tube for machine tools from igus
Direct drive robotic arms support lean automation
igus e-chains in offshore applications
Self-lubricating and quiet linear belt drive from igus
Secure cables in e-chains quickly and easily
iglidur plastic filament for 3D printing low-friction components
chainflex M cables guaranteed for 1 million double strokes
drylin Q now used in mobile control panels
New and improved igus chainflex cables
Automated coupling of energy chains for mobile equipment
chainflex cables have DNV GL ‘Germanischer Lloyd’ certificate
iglidur knife-edge rollers for conveyor applications
Pop-open e-chain provides easy access for cables
igus expands its xiros polymer ball bearing range
Fast assembly and quick connection for fully harnessed e-chains
Press fitting iglidur plain bearings made easy
Corrosion-resistant e-chains for the deep
E2 micro e-chains: small, light and even stronger
E4.1 light chain from igus is light and large
Power, data, air and media all in one system
Energy chain guide system enclosed for safe operation
igus’ dryspin technology offers more efficiency and less noise
Chainflex hybrid servo cable with bus element for energy chains
igus drylin Q square linear guides with adjustable clearance
CFRIP from igus now extends to over 230 chainflex cable types
14 new knife-edge, high-tech polymer roller dimensions at igus
Assembly tools cut energy chain opening times
igus triflex RSP for multi-axis robotics
igus bearings for high-load rotational applications
igus readychain light rack system slashes machine assembly costs
The igus automation range – plastics for longer life
Plain bearing linear axes for food and beverage applications
igus xiros ball bearings for multiple applications
High-performance xiros polymer bearings from igus
igus’ robolink for multiple robot applications
Cables in less than 24 hours with igus readycable
Universal iglidur J gliding pads from igus
Two new e-spool energy chain variants from igus
Plain bearing unit incorporates roller for low-friction sliding
Energy chains that are easy to install and cost effective
Easy-to-fill multi-axis energy chains from igus
igus introduces easy stripping to its chainflex range
igus food-grade bearings comply with EU 10/2011 and FDA specs
pikchain from igus has efficient continuous circular motion
Custom chainflex cables from igus available in just 3 weeks
Video of the week – new stock plates from igus
igus e-spool eliminates the need for slip rings on cable drums
New energy chains and cables for food industry applications
Knife edge rollers for lubrication-free belt deflection
igus launches heavy duty igubal clip spherical bearings
Low-cost roller energy chain and guiding trough from igus
igus linear drive modules for extreme conditions
igus bearings certified to medical standard
Electrically conductive energy chains available within 24 hours
Wye Cylinders recommends igus polymer bearings
Cost-effective plain bearing achieves fire-resistance standards
Short movie demonstrates benefits of drylin W linear guide rail
Drylin SLN-27 miniature linear drive with optional stepper motor
Chainflex CFRIP cables are easy, quick and safe to strip
Condition monitoring system designed for long-travel e-chains
New xiros ball bearing materials from igus
igus E6.1 energy chain is lighter, quieter and smoother
New robolink multi-axis joint for robots and automation
Blue iglidur A350 polymer plain bearings are FDA approved
New blue, metal-detectable igubal bearings for food industry
DryLin W plain linear bearings feature in short movie
Energy chain innovations deliver benefits for machine builders
E4.1 light saves weight in dynamic energy chain applications
New iglidur N54 environmentally-friendly bearing material
Linear actuators with polymer bearings and NEMA stepper motor
Assembly tools save time when working on Energy Chains
SLW Stop-and-Go features multiple carriages on one lead screw
Guidelok Slimline F guides requires less space
How to reduce the lead time for Energy Chains
Movie shows versatility of iglidur bearing materials
Igus Guidelok Slimline (SL) guides vertical energy chains
Explaining the options for DryLin plain linear bearings
See different material combinations used in plastic bearings
See igus P4 roller Energy Chain in action over long distances
See igus innovations at Midlands Design and Manufacturing
See ReadyChain pre-assembled cables and carriers in action
MKM double-flange bearing is easy to install
Detectable plastic bearings for food and drink machinery
Energy chains for diverse applications on machine tools
Movie demonstrate Auto-Glide self-guiding energy chain
Slewing rings with external toothed driving ring
Movie shows plain linear bearings in high-speed tests
Triflex RS energy chain module compatible with 100+ robots
igus E-Rover conveys power and data for gantry cranes
Energy chain opening tool is easy and very quick to use
Movie shows the world's largest energy chain in motion
Slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction bearing pads
Movie shows xiros plastic ball bearings in action
Movie illustrates versatility of DryLin W linear guides
Movie explains DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearings
New, improved TwisterChain circular energy chain
Igus unveils first continuously circulating energy chain
Guidelok Slimline avoids damage to hanging energy chains
TwisterBand energy chain is compact and cost-effective
Energy chains keep hot swarf and chips away from cables
CC-Link cable is designed for use in energy chains
Slewing ring bearings are more compact and cost-effective
Strain relief cable clamps for use with energy chains
Igus P4 energy chains offered in two new sizes
Chainflex cables offered with NFPA 79 approval
Fibre-optic cable for energy chains withstands twisting
E4.1 energy chain combines benefits of E4/4 and E4/100
Plain linear guide features adjustable clearance
Igus P4 roller energy chains are quieter
E4.350 plastic energy chain is "the world's largest"
DryLin alternative to lead screw drives and pneumatics
Chainflex machine tool control cables are oil-resistant
New lubrication-free, self-aligning plastic ball bearings
Igus unveils miniature high-temperature iglidur bearings
Expanded range of xiros polymer ball bearings
E6 energy chain resists vibration better than alternatives
Igus launches GigE cable for dynamic applications
Plain bearings deliver environmental benefits
Universal module suits cramped robot applications
Chainflex CF Robot cable copes with torsional loads
Machined plastic bearings have predictable lifetime
Guidelok system keeps control of vertical energy chains
Igus offers semi-finished bar stock and custom components
Compact DryLin EasyTube linear unit is maintenance-free
Ex-stock polymer bearings have predictable service life
Innovative new products for dynamic power and data transmission
New smaller version of DryLin ZLW belt-driven actuator
Chainflex control cables gain UL and CSA approvals

Technical articles

Tribo makes all the difference in plastic bearings
Technopolymer bearings - the advantages over alternatives
Continuous-flex cables - a buyer's guide
Energy-efficient energy chains and cables save money
Pre-harnessed energy chains save money for machine builders

Application Stories

igus igubal spherical bearing improves quickshift gearchange
robolink helps robots break free
igus absorbs handlebar shocks in concept bike
iglidur surpasses car endurance test around the world
Robot mannequin ‘Porton Man’ moves with igus
Large-scale energy chain at Port of Felixstowe’s rail traverser
igus energy chains tame the tide
e-spool provides power and data in all directions
Fully automatic coupling of e-chains for cranes
igus bearings drive on to championship victory
Wimbledon’s roof glides with energy chains
igus plastics in 3D printers: lightweight and versatile
From pedals to steering, igus’ bearings fit many applications
Bearings for extreme outdoor applications such as solar panels
Pillow block bearings for solar and food industries
igus technology can reduce noise in wind turbines
Dry-running linear systems enable lubricant-free operation
Energy chain system increases uptime for Jaguar Land Rover
igus products defy woodworking dust for Routout
iglidur plastic bearings used for underwater applications
igus energy chain protects huge extraction hose
igus bearings give dimensional stability when wet
Energy chains and cables used in giant astronomical telescope
Plastic bearings with self-lubricating properties run smoothly
igus DryLin R linear bearings save costs in particle analysers
Maintenance-free plastic bearings enable cost savings
Bearings and energy chain systems meet tough camera applications
Bearings from igus help enhance the movie and gaming experience
Movie shows bicycle applications for polymer bearings
ReadyChains replace festoons to boost reliability
Films shows that iglidur is a girl's best friend
Plain linear guides offer advantages for robotic welding
Energy chains and Chainflex cables in crane applications
Single-wheel motorcycle trailer features igus bearings
Igus iglidur bearing materials selected for ski bindings
DryLin rail guidance system for woodworking machinery
Cable carriers help to minimise automation downtime
Plastic energy chains last four times longer than steel
Applications demonstrate benefits of plastic bearings
Test Drive Igus Energy Chains and Chainflex cables
Plain bearings last many times longer than linear guides
Antaris 2.5 wind turbine uses igubal self-aligning bearings
Igus bearings help mountain biker win Olympic gold
Self-lubricating polymer bearings out-perform bronze
Plain bearings help boost efficiency of solar energy plant
Energy chains and cables withstand Texan temperatures

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