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Product articles

New pyrometer for high-temperature applications and metals
Replace thermocouples with non-contact IR temperature sensor
USB pyrometer for benchtop infrared temperature measurement
Pyrometer system simplifies multi-point temperature monitoring
Infrared temperature sensor suits semiconductors and metals
Short-wavelength pyrometer with touch screen and data logging
ATEX and IECEx intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor
New multi-pyrometer system with data logging from Calex
IR temperature sensor has touchscreen display and data logging
PyroPen U pocket-sized IR thermometer has USB output
Handheld infrared thermometers include memory and alarms
Handheld infrared thermometers include alarm limits
PyroCouple temperature sensors incorporate self-monitoring
Load-sharing device designed for parallel DC/DC converters
PyroUSB infrared temperature sensor connects via USB
IR temperature sensors offer extended measurement ranges
DIN-rail mounted 24V DC power supply delivers 96W
Convir Thermosight IR thermometers have USB interface
Temperature sensors suit highly reflective metal parts
Wider range of infrared temperature calibration checkers
Fibre-optic system measures temperatures down to -269degC
Convir FLA pyrometers offer higher performance
Calex launches FOTEMP fibre-optic temperature measurement
Infrared Temperature Sensors with USB Interface
Convir DL Non-Contact Temperature Switches

Technical articles

Choosing the right window for infrared temperature sensors
Temperature measurement on low-emissivity targets

Application Stories

Infrared temperature measurement in thermoforming

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