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News articles

Video guide to choosing a suitable gyroscope
New UK source for Systron Donner Inertial sensors

Product articles

ETLG announces platform tiltmeters
New surface mount MEMS accelerometers from ETLG
Next-generation surface mount MEMS accelerometers
Precision inclinometers with analogue or digital outputs
Accelerometer offers double the performance of predecessors
Single or dual axis digital inclinometer has RS485/RS422 output
High-performance precision pressure transducer
New 14-pin high-temperature 12 bit A–D converter
Hermetically sealed triaxial accelerometer module
Triaxial accelerometer with low noise
Integrated pressure sensor provides stable high-level mV output
New Honeywell HMC5983 sensor for low-field magnetic sensing
cPCI/PXI card for synchro, resolver or LVDT feedback
DRM4000L Dead Reckoning Module is smaller and lighter
New high-performance digital MEMS single-axis rate sensors
Hybrid HMC2003 three-axis magnetic sensor with full traceability
High-resolution, digital tiltmeter is sealed to IP65
3-axis accelerometers with extended operating temperature range
High-temperature quad op amp handles 300 degrees C
Integrated magnetic sensor chip is ultra-compact
GPS/INS tactical inertial measurement unit uses MEMS sensors
High-accuracy tilt sensors operate from 4-20mA two-wire loop
Economical angular rate sensor offers high performance
High-performance, miniature, radiation-resistant tilt sensors
Angular rate sensor offers fast start-up and high bias stability
New high-temperature, 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter
High-reliability thermal switches for Mil-spec applications
Miniature, low-cost Quartz Dual-Axis Rate Sensor (QDARS)
New low-cost, slimline tilt sensor boards with no moving parts
Low-cost microprocessor magnetometers offer high reliability
Rugged, low-cost triaxial analogue accelerometers
Portable tiltmeter system monitors machine movements
Single-axis angular rate sensor offers high-performance
MEMS-based true tactical inertial measurement unit
Navigation system is compact, lightweight and low-cost
Solid-state angular rotation sensor for OEM applications
Smart digital pressure transducer is fully submersible
Compact accelerometer handles high temperatures
MEMS accelerometers feature wide temperature range
New low-cost, three-axis, tilt-compensated compass
Improved Attitude and Heading Reference System
High-performance, low-cost triaxial analogue accelerometers
Upgraded versions of attitude and heading reference systems
Low-cost digital integrated pressure transducers
Low-cost pin-out and demo boards for small magnetic sensors
New low-cost three-axis magnetic field sensor module
Three-axis magnetic chip sensor is RoHS-compliant
Low-cost dual-channel PC104 synchro/resolver output cards
Inertial measurement unit is compact and cost-effective
Ceramic tilt sensors offer higher performance at lower cost
Dual-precision op-amp copes with extreme temperatures
Ruggedised voltage-controlled oscillators
Low-cost smart transducers for tough environments
High-temperature accelerometers handle harsh environments
Cost-effective GPS-aided DR navigation module
Positioning sensor incorporates GPS capability
Dual-axis digital tilt sensors have temperature compensation
Inertial sensor and camera enable easy object tracking
New low-cost three-axis digital compass module
Hermetically sealed accelerometers exhibit low noise
High-grade servo accelerometer has built-in test facility
Fluid-filled tilt sensors cost less than alternatives
High-performance accelerometers are rugged and low-cost
New tiltmeters/clinometers have 4-20mA outputs
Force rebalance accelerometer offers long-term stability
HMR3500 compass module also measures pitch and roll
Programmable pressure transducer for harsh environments
MBAC 100 multi-channel displays suit industrial environments
New range of digital clinometers incorporate data logging

Technical articles

How vibrating quartz tuning tines measure angular rate

Application Stories

High-performance tilt sensors used in synchrotrons

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