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Avago completes acquisition of Infineon's fibre business
Avago gears up for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond
New portal for information and advice relating to LEDs

Product articles

High-res motion feedback encoders for industrial motion control
Avago demonstrates 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes
Reflective optical encoders for miniaturised motion control
Cost-effective industrial-grade strain-sensing based on OPI
Avago demonstrates 32G SerDes performance in 28nm CMOS
Avago's industrial fibre receivers deliver 50 MBd links
Enhancements to Avago’s Versatile Link POF products
Ultra-compact navigation device acts as mouse or joystick
Reflective encoder with analogue output is 'industry first'
Ambient light sensor copes with diverse lighting conditions
Red, green and blue LEDs suitable for signs and signals
Warm white light LEDs offer high lumens-per-watt efficiency
Surface-mount LEDs feature 50-degree lens
Scrollwheel input device is 'industry's thinnest'
Infrared emitters suit industrial and consumer applications
Digital colour sensors are an 'industry first'
Opto-isolators suit T&M and data acquisition applications
Optical position sensor uses no moving parts
New family of 10 GbE LRM transceivers for enterprise networks
Avago launches warm white LEDs as bulb replacements
Miniature optical encoders offer high resolution
New additions to intelligent gate drive optocoupler range
First high-brightness tri-colour surface-mount LEDs
Magnetic encoder is reliable and easy to use
New range of single-mode OC-48 SFP transceivers
Avago launches high-brightness 3W white LED
AllnGaP low-power LEDs are extra bright for use outdoors
High-speed, dual-supply voltage optocoupler range expands

Application Stories

Industrial fast Ethernet transceivers used by leading players

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