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See new smart sensors at Drives and Controls 2016

Product articles

Optical sensors are tolerant of target materials and finishes
New top-end laser scanner from Leuze electronic
Setting up access guarding with muting is easy with MLDSET
Leuze RSL 400 scanners are more versatile and easier to use
AC/DC SR 49C all-voltage sensors now suitable for outdoor use
Barcode positioning system with wide range of bus interfaces
MLC safety light curtains now with integrated AS-i interface
Photoelectric sensor transmits Ethernet data interference-free
New guard switch incorporated in stainless steel hinge
Light-band RK46c-VarOS detects object over 50mm band area
Pluggable relay module for safety controllers
CR 50 bar code reader for medical instrumentation
Modular muting safety light beams - easy to specify and install
Leuze MSI safety relays now have interchangeable terminal blocks
Bar code reader with Ethernet/IP interface
New high-performance sensor series 18B from Leuze
Two new ultrasonic sensors for switching and measuring
Leuze’s HRTR46B Teach opto-sensor is two sensors in one unit
Cylindrical photo-electric sensors with unique swivel mounting
New modular safety controllers from Leuze electronic
Three-beam multiple light beam safety devices save cost
Single device reads barcodes and 2D codes
Explosion-proof housings upgrade standard optical sensors
Smart camera features improved integral lighting
Laser distance sensor offered with a choice of spot sizes
Forked sensor offers higher processing speed
Optical sensor saves cost in high-bay warehouses
Ultrasonic forked sensor achieves higher processing speed
Optical sensors gain EHEDG certification
New catalogue of photoelectric sensors
Photoelectric sensor for small targets is ultra-compact
Ruggedised safety light curtains have 14mm resolution
Tougher safety light curtains to be shown for the first time
Can Character Verification System checks text on concave end
Ethernet-enabled device reads damaged bar codes
Safety light curtains are sealed to IP68
Laser measuring sensor achieves +/-3mm over 200mm
Safety light curtains cope with arduous environments
Ultra-compact opto sensors have big specification

Technical articles

Safety laser scanners: what are the most important requirements?
Sensors and systems for intralogistics
IO-Link and connectivity in the age of Industry 4.0
Sensors for packaging
Three-dimensional sensing versus machine vision systems
EN ISO 13849-1 simplified procedure for assessing PL
Tactile safety devices explained

Application Stories

Light section sensors: reliable detection of medicine packages
New warehouse, new sensors
Smart cameras for smart inspection systems in beverage industry
Quality control with LRS 36 light section sensors at dairy
Bin-picking robot is guided by laser profile sensor
Measuring light curtain helps check pallet stability

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