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3D Systems showcases additive manufacturing at Hannover Messe
Create more shapes, more ways with new 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
3D Systems showcase engineering-grade additive manufacturing
3D Systems to Aquire Geomagic, Inc.
3D Systems reports successful World Conference 2007
3D Systems World Conference presenters named
3D Systems World Conference covers all major industries
3D Systems supports fractional ownership
3D Systems to replace CFO
3D Systems announces Users' World Conference

Product articles

iPro 8000 MP SLA machine rivals CNC machining
3D Systems unveils compact iPro 8000 SLA Center
New sPro 140 and 230 SLS Centers for direct laser sintering
V-Flash FTI 230 Desktop Modeler to resume shipping
New polypropylene-based rapid manufacturing material
New ProJet CP 3000 3D production system for wax patterns
Clear SLA material is tough enough for snap fits
SLA machine builds large prototype and production parts
New Duraform XR300 SLS material is based on polypropylene
Software suite simplifies management of SLA process
Accura Xtreme builds rapid parts that are more robust
3D modeller builds robust plastic models fast
Accura 55 builds ABS-like parts by rapid manufacturing
Desktop modeller to offer high quality at a lower cost
Rapid-manufacturing material is like black ABS or PP
Software cuts time required for selective laser sintering (SLS)

Application Stories

Figure 4 3D printing platform chosen for USAF research
SLA system produces parts comparable with CNC machining
Thermoplastic elastomer creates tough rapid prototypes
3D Systems reports early success for Accura Xtreme
CNC Speedform invests in second SLS machine
Tangible Express buys ten machines from 3D Systems

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