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News articles

Service over supply from Spelsberg
Chris Lloyd confirmed as Spelsberg UK MD
Spelsberg reduces lead times with new UK headquarters
Spelsberg will improve lead times on customised products
Spelsberg UK sales team is strengthened with new appointments
Spelsberg products available through Farnell

Product articles

Abox Magic GT gel provides IP68 ratings to 15 metres
Revamped GTi range speeds up switchgear installation
New B-Box from Spelsberg offers quick, waterproof installation
Waterproof gel-filled enclosures are reusable
Non-metallic enclosures cope with harsh outdoor environments
Rugged Norma PC and ABS enclosures are sealed to IP65

Technical articles

How to select correct IP ratings for electrical enclosures
An introduction to electrical enclosure specification
Customised enclosures can reduce costs
Understanding ingress protection in electrical enclosures
Non-metallic enclosures: the future for trackside installation
Which is the best material for your application's enclosure?

Application Stories

Customised enclosures help prevent freezing pipes
Flexibility and reliability for airflow control unit enclosures
Composite junction boxes for aircraft carrier lighting systems
Composite junction boxes used on RN aircraft carriers
IP66 enclosures selected for water shut-off valve controls
Custom junction box moulded in high-grade black plastic
Rugged enclosures are suitable for fire engine applications
Modular enclosures maintain IP65 protection
TK enclosures are tough enough for classrooms

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