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Product articles

Astrosyn dampers silence 3D printers
Easy access heatsink electronics enclosures
Micromini hybrid stepper motors launched by Astrosyn
Torque synchros for rotation angle control
New ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor from Astrosyn
New Astrosyn steppers can be washed down
Stepper worm gearbox drives added to Astrosyn motor range
Built-in brake adds holding power to Astrosyn stepper motor
The hybrid stepper that thinks it is a permanent magnet motor
New flange-mounted antivibration mounts for industrial motors
Compact stepper motor driver mounts on the rear of the motor
Integrated stepper motor out-performs servo motors
New high-performance permanent magnet stepper motors
Three-phase steppers offer smoother, quieter motion
Lead-acid battery chargers can be integrated by OEMs
Astrosyn launches ac powered stepper motor driver
Astrosyn launches low-cost, compact P315 stepper driver
Stepper motors have sealed front shafts

Application Stories

Astrosyn creates custom compound DC motor

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