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News articles

New digital pressure transmitters at Sensing Technology 2012
New submersible pressure and level sensors at IWEX 2012
See new pressure and level instrumentation at Sensors+Systems
See new pressure sensors and controllers at Mtec 2010
See new pressure and level sensors at Mtec 2009

Product articles

Ready-to-mount capacitive ceramic pressure sensor modules
Pressure transmitters for heavy duty hydraulics applications
OEM pressure transmitter for refrigeration and cooling systems
Oil-free pressure sensor for O2 and mobile hydraulics systems
New submersible dual-output level and temperature transmitters
Multi-channel controller has larger display and more I/O options
New DMD 831 stainless steel differential pressure transmitters
Robust and cost-effective SQ series high-pressure switches
New DMP304 ultra-high pressure transmitters
New compact, low-cost, loop-powered digital panel meter
New low-cost, battery-powered digital pressure gauges
New multi-channel controller with touch-screen display
Three-in-one pressure transmitters include displays
SDI-12 submersible hydrostatic level transmitters rated to 200m
XMD smart differential pressure transmitters with display option
Broad range of process indicators and panel meters
Compact, low-cost pressure switches are ATEX-certified
High-temperature pressure sensors are ATEX-certified
Low-cost data recorders include USB port for data export
Pressure transducers suit motorsport applications
Sensors and transmitters rated to IEC 61508 SIL2
Globe-shaped pressure sensors are easier to keep clean
New diaphragm materials improve pressure switch life
New battery-powered digital pressure gauges

Technical articles

Overcoming problems with silicon oil-filled pressure sensors
Advantages of LVDT pressure sensors in harsh environments

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