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News articles

BSI to retain full membership of CEN and CENELEC post-Brexit
BS EN 60204-1:2018, new edition of machinery safety standard
OCEANIS to address ethics in autonomous and intelligent systems
New BSI Kitemark for Functional Safety
British Standard for the ‘circular economy’ launched
BS EN ISO 13849-1:2015, updated machine safety standard
BS EN 62061:2015+A2:2015 - functional safety standard amendments
PAS 7000: new universal supply chain information standard
PD IEC 60417 SS:2014, Graphical symbols for electrical equipment
BS EN ISO 14119:2013 replaces BS EN 1088 for guard interlocks
BS EN 82079-1:2012, Preparation of instructions for use
BS EN ISO 13849-2:2012 now available from BSI
BS 8888:2011 Technical product documentation and specification
BS EN 50525-1:2011, low-voltage electric cables
BS EN ISO 5459:2011, Geometrical product specifications
BS EN ISO 4413:2010, safety of hydraulic fluid power
BS EN ISO 4414:2010, safety of pneumatic fluid power
BS EN 60546-1:2010 - evaluating performance of PID controllers
BSI publishes BS EN ISO 12100:2010 machinery safety standard
BS EN 60335-1:2002+A14:2010, safety of electrical appliances
BS EN 15774:2010, safety of pasta processing machinery
BS EN 60950-1:2006+Amendment 1:2010, safety of IT equipment
Risk management of machinery and work equipment - review
BSI publishes amended guarding standard BS EN 953
BS 499-1:2009 - welding terms and symbols (glossary)
BS 7079:2009 covers surface preparation of steel
BS ISO 4126-9:2008 covers bursting discs and more
BS EN 349 amendment references new Machinery Directive
BS EN ISO 13857 replaces BS EN 294 and BS EN 811
British standard BS EN 60079-1:2007 for flameproof enclosures
BSI publishes PP 8888-1, a guide to BS 8888:2006
New standard: BS EN ISO 6520:2007 for weld imperfections
New standard: BS EN 60974 for welding equipment inspection
BSI opens online shop for British Standards and books
Newly published: BS EN ISO 5817:2007 for welding quality
New standard: BS EN ISO 2692:2006 for geometric tolerancing
BS EN 60079-1:2007, new standard for flameproof enclosures
BSi publishes BS EN 10079:2007 for steel products
BS EN ISO 8501-4:2006 - preparation of steel surfaces
Now available from BSi: BS EN ISO 13849-1:2006
BSi updates guide to technical product specifications

Technical articles

BS EN 13128, the milling machine safety standard
BS EN ISO 23125, the turning machine (lathe) safety standard

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