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News articles

Value-added piezo element assembly saves cost for OEMs
New PI catalogue: magnetic direct drives & air bearings
PI UK is MCI 2016 awards Manufacturer of the Year
PI’s compact planar XY air bearing stage at Photonics West
PI publishes Ultrasonic Piezo Motors catalogue
New PI brochure on air bearing technology
Miniature opto-mechanical actuators: new brochure from PI
Custom turnkey system design and manufacture service from PI
Three piezo motor technologies explained in new PI catalogue
PI patents PICMA multilayer ceramic actuators
New catalogue of nanopositioning products and systems
PI opens new subsidiary office in the UK
Brochure covers novel piezo ceramic step linear motors
Free brochure covers ultrasonic piezo actuators
Brochure includes guide to capacitive nanometrology sensors

Product articles

Low-profile rotary positioner can be mounted on six-axis hexapod
Compact hexapod for industrial alignment applications
Dynamic positioning in integrated XY linear motor drives
66 Lb. pushing force in PI’s high resolution linear actuator
PI expands PIMag linear motor stages range
Precision 6-axis motion: two new hexpods from PI
PIHera compact linear piezo stages offer extended travel ranges
PI’s 4-channel dynamic cost-effective digital piezo controller
PI’s high-speed NanoCube 3-axis piezo motion stage
SiP Test & Production Alignment Engine from PI
Fast, precise and compact micro-translation stage from PI
XY piezo nanopositioning and scanning stage provides more travel
N-565: PI's cost-effective precise compact linear positioner
Spherical electro-ceramic components for ultrasonic applications
Q-545: nanometer-precise compact linear positioner from PI
PI’s micro size ultrasonic stages are easy to integrate
PI Motion controller integrates multiple drive technologies
Mini ultrasonic piezo rotary stage with integrated encoder by PI
Miniature 6-axis piezo hexapod for dynamic error correction
PI adds new Q-Motion compact rotary stage: Q-632
Q-Motion multi-axis piezo-motor positioners from PI
Linear motor stage with absolute encoder and ironless motor
New PI precision automation actuators for greater accuracy
Motion simulator ‘shaker’ hexapod based on fast linear motors
Economical sub-miniature precision positioning stages
New H-820 low-cost hexapod: six axes of motion for £19k
Objective scanner with piezo stepping drive for 3D Stacks
PI release new version of the M-663 micropositioning stage
Four-axis motion controller for precision positioning
Precision XY measuring stage with nanometre resolution
New Digital Controller for nanometre-precise operation
Power amplifier/controller for high-voltage piezo actuators
PiezoMove linear actuator P-604 designed for open-loop operation
New smaller piezo bimorph actuators require lower voltage
New microscope precision positioning systems catalogue
Actuators deliver high forces, long travel and high resolution
Precision linear actuators explained in new brochure
Compact linear piezo actuators for nanopositioning
Piezo actuators provide high force and high dynamics
New low-profile closed-loop piezo linear stages
Piezo composite patch transducers are formable and versatile
Brochure covers hexapod parallel kinematics systems/robots
Translation stage has 25mm travel and 0.1micron resolution
New high-speed XYZ nanopositioning and scanning system

Technical articles

New hexapods achieve micron and nanometre accuracy

Application Stories

Hexapod motion platform for smartphone camera optimisation
Hexapod+drone: new industrial & research applications
PI positioning stages help reveal secrets of teeth
Piezo actuators accelerate microstructuring for die-sinking EDM
Hexapods help measure stress in a dental model
Application-oriented research boosts drive technology
Mars Rover Curiosity: motion control from PI and PI miCos
Tunable lasers benefit from precision piezo actuators
Nanopositioning stage to aid research into inner ear disorders

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