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Power semiconductors, Hall-effect sensing devices from Allegro

Product articles

New differential high accuracy, high isolation current sensor IC
New high current integrated DC motor driver IC from Allegro
New three-phase BLDC controller and MOSFET driver IC at Allegro
Allegro MicroSystems announces 0 to 360 degree angle sensor ICs
Programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC from Allegro
New low-voltage bipolar stepper or dual DC motor driver IC
Dual-die highly programmable linear Hall sensor IC
Unidirectional linear Hall sensor IC in surface-mount package
High current density fully integrated current sensor ICs
Achieve robust EMC performance without external components
Dual full-bridge PWM motor driver IC from Allegro MicroSystems
New bipolar stepper and high current DC motor driver IC
DMOS microstepping driver: translator and overcurrent protection
Programmable unipolar Hall-effect switch & built-in diagnostics
Allegro introduces new quad DMOS full bridge PWM motor driver IC
High-accuracy, high-isolation differential current sensor ICs
New family of complete microstepping motor driver ICs
Full bridge PWM gate-driver motor control ICs
360 degree programmable magnetic angle position sensor IC
Two-dimensional speed and direction sensor IC from Allegro
Two-wire Hall-effect latch for speed and position sensing
Omnipolar 3D magnetic sensor IC from Allegro Microsystems
Customer-programmable current-sensor IC
Current sensor ICs with common-mode field rejection
Hall-effect speed/direction sensor IC with hysteresis detection
Sensorless brushless DC motor controller allows easy integration
Precision Hall-effect angle sensor ICs
Fault-tolerant multi-output boost converter LED driver ICs
Two-wire wheel-speed sensor IC with integrated capacitor
Dual-output differential speed and directional sensor IC
A8651 dual synchronous low-voltage buck regulator IC
High-current synchronous buck regulator offers high efficiency
Miniature linear Hall-effect sensor IC from Allegro
Unipolar Hall-effect switch offers self-diagnostic capability
Linear current-sensor IC is thermally enhanced
Dual full-bridge motor driver IC for automotive applications
High-voltage brushless DC motor driver IC
Three-phase MOSFET motor control IC
Buck regulator power-supply IC uses pulse-frequency modulation
Factory-programmable linear Hall-effect sensor ICs
Dual half-bridge motor driver IC for drive of two DC motors
Two-channel linear LED driver IC for automotive lighting
Current-sensing ICs now offered in ultra-miniature package
Dual-channel Hall-effect direction detection sensor IC
Analogue/PWM output programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC
Hall-effect switch with advanced programming algorithm
AC or DC current sensing in 3.3V supply applications
Bipolar Hall-effect switch offers excellent repeatability
Buck regulator IC achieves high (2MHz) switching frequencies
Low-voltage motor driver suits battery-powered equipment
Three-phase MOSFET pre-driver IC suits industrial applications
Automotive-grade controllers for 3-phase brushless DC motors
Three-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver saves cost
Three-channel LED driver suits large display applications
Microstepping motor driver featuresbuilt-in translator circuitry

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