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News articles

DIN-rail PoE injectors and DIN-rail power supplies at EDS 2018
Free UK-based technical support for power supply customers

Product articles

SmartFab Box records live power requirements, thermal conditions
DIN-rail power supply with IO-Link is ready for Industry 4.0
PULS DIN-rail power supplies come with long-term support
Compact, powerful and cost-effective DIN-rail power supply
High-reliability medical DIN rail power supplies from PULS
PULS DIN-rail power supplies with conformal-coated PCBs
Reliable DIN rail power supplies: only pay for what you need
PULS CP power supplies available with internal decoupling
New eight-port DIN-rail PoE injectors from PULS
24V/10A DIN-rail power supply: 95 per cent efficiency, 39mm wide
PULS launches PIANO cost-efficient DIN-rail power supplies
DIN Rail Power Supplies: compact and affordable
PULS expands uninterruptible power supply range
High-voltage DC input power supplies meet new UL and IEC Regs
Energy-efficient step-down DC/DC converter generates less heat
30W DIN rail power supply is compact, efficient and economical
PISA protection module safeguards PLCs and aids troubleshooting

Technical articles

Benefits of capacitor-based uninterruptible power supplies

Application Stories

High-efficiency DIN-rail power supplies light two million LEDs

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