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News articles

Mouser Electronics named e-Catalog Distributor of the Year
Mouser Electronics expands to South Korea
Mouser and Imagination in global distribution agreement
APEC 2016: Mouser and Texas Instruments host discussion session
Mouser to exhibit newest power technologies at APEC 2016
Mouser adds Merit Sensor Systems to global sensor linecard
Learn about the future of portable power at #MouserParty
Mouser announces global distribution deal with Bosch
Visit Mouser at Embedded World 2016
Mouser launches new power management technology site
Mouser signs global distribution deal with Red Pitaya
Mouser features Type-C and 3.1 on new USB technology site
Mouser adds LPRS to its embedded tech line-up
Mouser signs distribution deal with Kavlico Pressure Sensors
Mouser-sponsored Rebellion Racing Team wins FIA Cup
Mouser Electronics wins top marketing awards from ECIA
Mouser enhances medical applications site
Mouser Electronics awards its 2015 “Best-in-Class” Honorees
Mouser and Omron announce global distribution agreement
Mouser showcases technologies at NIWeek Design Conference
Mouser announces global distribution agreement with Vicor
Mouser adds home and factory automation to applications site
Mouser unveils enhanced Internet of Things applications site
Mouser and Imahara launch new home and factory automation series
Mouser-backed Piquet is first electric car racing World Champion
Mouser sponsors Freescale Technology Forum in Austin
Mouser Electronics expands to Japan with local service centre
Mouser launches enhanced open source hardware technology site
Mouser recognised for Excellence in Customer Service
Mouser: TE's 2014 Global High Service Distributor of the Year
Mouser and Imahara launch space series to create a lunar legacy
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with TRACO Power
HALO Electronics magnetic technology products from Mouser
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with CUI Inc.
Mouser extends Molex partnership with GWconnect product line
Mouser launches new robotics technology site
Mouser Electronics announces strong European growth figures
Mouser Electronics signs global agreement with Microsemi
Innovation challenge design contest for engineering students
Mouser and TTI team at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics
Mouser launches new motor control application site
Mouser expands portfolio with Hittite Microwave products
Mouser Electronics announces new partnership with Grant Imahara
Mouser to distribute products by Advantech
From design chain to supply chain: Mouser & TTI combined
Mouser and Digi reach agreement for global distribution
Mouser promotes new Formula-E 270hp electric vehicle technology
Mouser showcases dev kits and expertise at Electronica 2014
Mouser in global distribution agreement with Delta Electronics
Mouser applauds winners in ‘Create the Future’ Design Contest
Mouser signs Global Distribution Agreement with Eurotech
Mouser wins Texas Instruments’ Customer Growth Award for Europe
Mouser sponsors Team China in new Formula E race series
Mouser: exclusive Global Distribution Agreement with GaN Systems
Mouser signs global agreement to distribute Broadcom products
Mouser signs Global Distribution Agreement with EAO
Mouser launches new communications applications site
Mouser signs global distribution agreement with Cosel
Mouser launches new anti-counterfeit site
Entry deadline nears for “Create the Future” design contest
Mouser-sponsored race team finishes strongly at Le Mans
Mouser to demo sensor technologies at Sensors Expo
Mouser Electronics sponsors Le Mans racing team
Mouser Electronics to distribute Rowley Associates' CrossWorks
ProxSense proximity and touch sensor controllers from Mouser

Product articles

AD7768 8-Channel, 24-Bit, simultaneous sampling ADC
TI’s ultra-low-power MCUs with CapTIvate Touch Tech at Mouser
Amphenol NPR-101 harsh media pressure sensor now at Mouser
Mouser now stocking TI’s ADS131E08S AFE
Maxim MAX14949 half-duplex RS-485/RS-422 transceiver
Molex USB Type-C Solutions now available from Mouser
The TE Connectivity MS8607-02BA01 PHT Sensor from Mouser
Mouser now stocking Atmel ATtiny104 Xplained Nano evaluation kit
Vishay TCPT1600 and TCUT1600 transmissive sensors now at Mouser
Mouser now shipping Maxim's MAX14827 IO-link device transceiver
MLX90393 Triaxis micropower magnetometers and evaluation board
Mouser now stocking IDT’s low-loss F2923 RF switch
High-performance PSRMini slim safety relays at Mouser
Custom-programmable 9-axis motion sensor from Bosch Sensortec
Wireless sensor dev board from TE now available at Mouser
Mouser now stocking Cypress FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit
Infineon and Wurth XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit now at Mouser
Digi XBee ZigBee Mesh Kit for home automation projects
Mouser adds Amphenol’s RoHS-compliant ZnNi connectors
OM13085 LPCXpresso Board from NXP Now at Mouser
Sensirion’s SHT31 Smart Gadget development kit now at Mouser
Maxim MAXREFDES89# DC Motor Driver mbed Shield at Mouser
Now at Mouser: Xsens MTi 1-Series modules
Genuino 101 from Intel now at Mouser
TE Connectivity's Fortis Zd LRM connector system now at Mouser
Panasonic PAN9320 embedded Wi-Fi place-and-play modules
Mouser now stocking the Intel Celeron Processor N3000 Series
Drop-in Bluetooth technology: Panasonic PAN1760 modules
Murata ZPA Series capacitive MEMS pressure sensor at Mouser
Lumileds’ LUXEON XR-M for simplified industrial lighting
Mouser now shipping all three popular UDOO Neo Boards
Mouser announces worldwide distribution deal with UDOO
Fairchild FAN7688 advanced PFM controller now at Mouser
Mouser now shipping USB Type-C Receptacles from TE Connectivity
Now at Mouser: LUXEON C Colour LEDs for smooth colour mixing
Mouser now shipping Murata’s tiny MTC1 DC-DC converters
TI HDC1050 sensor: low-power temp and humidity measurements
Mouser stocking Intel’s newest Next Unit of Computing (NUC) kits
ADuM140D/E digital isolators protect data in harsh environments
Mouser now shipping new Intel Quark processor for IoT
Mouser now shipping MediSpec connectors from Molex
High-performance Molex MediSpec connectors from Mouser
Atmel SMART E70 ARM-based microcontrollers now at Mouser
TI PGA900: high-resolution resistive sensing conditioner
Mouser offers small footprint, low power USB Type-C devices
TI's ISO7820/ISO7820F dual-channel digital isolator at Mouser
Molex Mini-Fit Sr. connectors now available from Mouser
Small high-capacity power relays: Panasonic HE-S Series
Avago Technologies high-res motion feedback encoder kits
USB Type-C with TI TUSB320 CC logic and port controllers
Mouser now stocking ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontrollers
Integrated microcontroller and Wi-Fi for IoT from Atmel’s SAMW25
Micro SFP+ connector and cable assemblies from Mouser
Freescale PF3000 Power Management Integrated Circuit at Mouser
TI’s LDC1101 1.8V inductance-to-digital converter now at Mouser
Atmel’s SAM D10/D11 microcontrollers now at Mouser
LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs from Lumileds now at Mouser
Dual isolation DC-DC converter in Silicon Labs Si88x2x modules
Netduino 3 for fast prototyping available from Mouser
Cree XLamp XHP35 high-density, high-intensity LEDs from Mouser
High-resolution Avago AEDT-981x encoders now at Mouser
New pocket-sized Intel Compute Stick with Linux at Mouser
AD ADF5904 Downconverter Module and Eval Board from Mouser
Xsens MTi 1-Series Dev Kit available from Mouser
Mouser now stocking ADLINK Technology’s ETX-BT Modules
ADZS-SC58x EZ-KIT Lite and EZ-Board evaluation systems at Mouser
Atmel SAM C21 Xplained Pro Eval Kit now shipping from Mouser
Microsemi SmartFusion2 Dual-Axis Motor Control Starter Kit
Dual-Port USB data isolation with Murata Power NMUSB202MC
Mouser now shipping Vishay VEML6070 UV light sensor
Mouser adds the ML-XT sealed connection system
Silicon Labs’ Si70xx relative humidity and temperature sensors
Mouser now stocking the BMI160 6-Axis from Bosch Sensortec
Pocket-sized Intel Compute Stick with Windows at Mouser
TDK Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Smart Module now at Mouser
Cree 12GHz GaN HEMT-based MMICs now at Mouser
Laird CoolZorb Thermal/EMI Absorber now at Mouser
Lumileds LUXEON 5258 LEDs for directional lighting applications
Omron’s embedded B5T HVC Face Detection Sensor Module at Mouser
Freescale S12ZVC MagniV Mixed-Signal MCU from Mouser
TI SimpleLink low power wireless MCUs now at Mouser
Maxim MAX11216 24-Bit ADC with PGA only at Mouser
Bosch BME280 Environmental Sensor now at Mouser
TI MSP-EXP432P401R 32-bit LaunchPad Evaluation Kit at Mouser
Gamma-resistant Maxim DS28E80 1-Wire EEPROM at Mouser
AD9154 2.4Gsps Quad DAC Eval Boards from Mouser
Amphenol Industrial H4 UTX PV connectors available from Mouser
EPCOS CeraLink SP and LP capacitors now at Mouser
CUI Novum Intermediate Bus DC-DC converters now at Mouser
Digilent’s Analog Discovery oscilloscope now at Mouser
Phoenix Contact UNO POWER DIN-Rail power supplies at Mouser
Texas Instruments 16-bit ADS8339 low-power ADC at Mouser
Maxim MAX11300 20-port mixed-signal I/O from Mouser
ADuCRF101 wireless data acquisition system now at Mouser
Littelfuse’s SP402x TVS diode arrays in stock at Mouser
Molex’s Impel Backplane Interconnect System now at Mouser
Bosch Sensortec’s 3-in-1 absolute orientation sensor at Mouser
Molex’s Super Sabre Connector System now at Mouser
Texas Instruments MSP430i202x/3x/4x MCU now at Mouser
Advantech’s MIO-2263 1GbE Embedded IoT gateway now at Mouser
Molex EdgeMate power connectors now at Mouser
Cypress’ parallel F-RAM non-volatile memory at Mouser
Bourns 2015-Series gas discharge tube surge arrestors
Maxim MAX1493x 5kV Digital Isolators at Mouser
Cypress’ PSoC-4 Pioneer kit now at Mouser Electronics
Advantech’s MIO-5271 SBCs now available at Mouser
AD7175-2 Sigma-Delta Rail-to-Rail ADC available at Mouser
Maxim’s MAXREFDES72 Reference Design now at Mouser
Microchip’s RN4020 Bluetooth low-energy smart module at Mouser
Philips Lumileds’ LUXEON CoB LED arrays available from Mouser
Analogue Devices AD9135/6 2.8Gsps DACs available from Mouser
Molex Brad Ultra-Lock Circular Connectors now at Mouser
AD9625 12-bit ADC evaluation board with 2.5Gsps from Mouser
TI MSP430BT5190 mixed signal MCUs with Bluetooth stack
Vishay’s VCNL4010 proximity and ambient light sensor at Mouser
Mouser launches free design integration tool MultiSIM BLUE
TI MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit now at Mouser
Microchip Bluetooth starter kit available from Mouser
Omron 2SMPB-01-01 Absolute Pressure Sensor available at Mouser
Congatec computing modules from Mouser
Infineon XMC1000 Industrial MCUs in stock at Mouser
Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors for open/close applications
Connect to the IoT with the Intel DK50 Series Gateway
TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi processor development boards from Mouser
Cree XLamp CXA HD LED arrays available from Mouser
Molex IllumiMate LCD connector systems available from Mouser
Low-height gate-drive TLP5702 photocoupler
Mouser now stocking Cypress CY7C1049CV33 Fast Async SRAM
Mouser to release MultiSIM BLUE powered by NI
Panasonic PAN1740 Bluetooth low energy modules from Mouser
Würth Elektronik eiSos’ MagI3C power modules from Mouser
VITA 67 Coax Connectors available from Mouser
Lattice MachXO3 FPGAs with very high density I/O from Mouser
Littelfuse LSP05 and LSP10 surge protection modules from Mouser
Intel NUC with Intel Atom E3815 processor available from Mouser
Analog Devices AD9139 16-bit 1.6Gsps DAC available from Mouser
Amphenol CFP2 commercial cage connectors available from Mouser
Analog Devices AD9652 16-bit ADC evaluation board with 310MSPS
Teledyne LeCroy's MAUI advanced user interface technology

Technical articles

Sensor fusion offers benefits for designers and end users
Advances in industrial and embedded optical communications
An introduction to stepper motors and stepper drivers

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