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News articles

New whitepaper: designing-in light-curing adhesives
DYMAX Industrial Adhesives Selector Guide now available
New Practical Components Catalogue from Intertronics
Specialist precision dispensing technology webinar

Product articles

Intertronics IRS 2129 rubber modified epoxy adhesive
Opti-tec 7020 silicone potting protection with total clarity
ADH 9454: high-viscosity gel, gap-filling cyanoacrylate gel
DYMAX 3401 UV and moisture cure adhesive for plastics and metals
More precise two-component metering, mixing and dispensing
BlueWave fast-cure UV LED flood system
New PCB coating pen from Intertronics
CircuitWorks flux-dispensing pens/syringes and flux-removal pens
Flowplus16 pressure monitor features universal Luer-Lock system
CircuitWorks silver and nickel conductive pens from Intertronics
UV cure optical display adhesives offer crystal clear bonds
Phoseon Firefly high-performance UV LED System from Intertronics
DYMAX UV and visible spot cure system upgrade
DYMAX UV cure FIP/CIP gasket for fuel cells from Intertronics
Advanced dual-cure conformal coating from Intertronics
Thinky mixer provides rapid one-step dispersal/degassing
flowplus16 Pressure Sensor for critical dosing and dispensing
UV cure modular flood lamp systems from Intertronics
New UV/light and rapid moisture cure encapsulants
Two new LED encapsulants from Intertronics
Liquidyn P-Jet CT high-performance micro-dispensing valve
New electrically conductive adhesive from Intertronics
Pinpoint precision with P-Dot electro-pneumatic jetting valve
Polytec PU 1000: electrically conductive polyurethane adhesive
UV & LED curing adhesive bonds glass/glass and glass/metal
Polyimide adhesives with high temperature resistance
High-performance thermally conductive epoxy adhesives
Electrically conductive adhesive is biocompatible Class VI
Entry level UV curing flood lamp for adhesives/coatings/inks
High-performance fluid dispensing system from Intertronics
New adhesive bonds dissimilar materials in seconds
Two-component dispensing more precise with Intertronics

Technical articles

Microcapsules in adhesive dispensing technology

Application Stories

DYMAX UV/light adhesive used in museum-quality display table
Resilient potting compound for Tough Tracker from Intertronics
Competitiveness is increased with F4200N dispensing robot

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