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EAO to showcase switching, motion control and cooling products
Custom HMIs and standard HMI components from one supplier

Product articles

New E-stop switches are ultra-compact, robust and reliable
Snap-on, plug & play control devices: simple and all-purpose
Raised- and flush-mount actuators & indicators are easy to use
62xG compact optical encoders use optical switching technology
EAO enhances Series 45 selector switch range
EAO expands Series 45 ID keylock switches
EAO's Series 14 indicators provide high-intensity illumination
EAO Series 45 toggle sticks offer precise control
Series 45 range of pushbuttons, indicators, and switches
Full-face illuminated switches add vibrant colour
EAO optimises its Series 82 for low voltages and currents
IP65 stepper motor for harsh environments
Strength, style and versatility - the new, improved Series 82
Failsafe emergency-stop improves operator safety

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