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EU Automation opens distribution hub in Frankfurt, Germany
New book explores global Industry 4.0 strategies
Book of Obsolescence Management (BoOM) - book review
Automation expert releases obsolescence infographic
EU Automation publishes Book of Obsolescence Management
EU Automation releases smart technology guide
European Automation publishes industry report on OPC UA
Industrial spares supplier publishes remote data access guide
Industry report on information security published
Automation company highlights common problems for the industry
Automation company publishes industry energy efficiency report
European Automation releases cloud computing buzzword guide

Technical articles

Should you use a safety PLC or a standard PLC and safety relays?
How to use legacy equipment in an Industry 4.0 environment
How to introduce collaborative robots and keep workers safe
4D printing offers potential for machine builders
Data science and the future of industrial automation
How manufacturers can improve servitisation with social media
How to avoid losing data about manufacturing processes
How can facial recognition improve productivity?
Developing a safety strategy for industrial environments
Three tips for achieving machine safety in the workplace
Blockchain, the Tangle and opportunities for manufacturing
ESOS Phase 2 and improving energy efficiency in manufacturing
How to manage a mixed team of humans and collaborative robots
How voice recognition will change industry
Artificial intelligence for product research and development
PLCs and PACs – which one is right for you?
Changing business models with IoT
Understanding the methods of robot programming
Turning up the lights on dark data
PLCs of the future
Zero unplanned downtime: dream or reality?
The best of industrial automation is yet to come
Proactive vs. reactive obsolescence management
EU Automation releases circular economy industry guide
Will collaborative consumption change manufacturing?
Virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing
Alternatives to storing spare industrial stock
Industrial automation technologies for 2017
Flexible manufacturing through automated engineering
Guidelines for ethical robot design
Retrofit your way to Industry 4.0
The impact of digital decay for older industrial devices
Designing with obsolescence in mind
The future of obsolescence management
The death of proprietary networks
Connecting motors to the Internet of Things
Graph technology and machine learning: making sense of big data
Managing obsolete industrial automation systems in oil and gas
Trending tech for remote access: HTML5 vs. mobile apps
DCS versus PLC
Obsolescence challenges for the automotive industry
Collaborative robots in the automotive industry
Increased connectivity with digital twins
Beyond IoT: pervasive sensing
The Android operating system in industrial applications
Protecting your production line
How cloud computing is changing industrial automation
Energy efficient obsolete technology now has a new name
Trends in M2M communication for industrial automation
The trials and tribulation of sourcing obsolete automation parts
Ditch the upgrade, source the obsolete part
Efficiency clarifications: motors and VSDs
Are we ready for a cableless future?
Top 5 problems with HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces)
The top five things that cause inverter failure

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