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22 August 2006

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National Instruments has announced 12 new isolated M and S Series multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices. These devices combine the safety of isolation with the high-performance timing, amplification and calibration technologies of existing M Series DAQ devices for increased accuracy. Built-in isolation increases the safety of data acquisition devices and eliminates common problems that can ruin measurement accuracy. The new multifunction devices offer 16-bit accuracy, 250 kS/s sampling rates, +/-10 V or +/-20 mA analogue inputs, +/-10 V or 0-20 mA analogue outputs and 5 V TTL/CMOS or 24 V digital inputs and outputs.

The new isolated M and S Series devices offer channel-to-channel or bank isolation with 1,950 VDC/1,400 Vrms transient withstand for 5 s to a PCI bus, which protects expensive equipment, the user and data from hazardous voltage spikes, transient signals and electrical noise. Isolation works by electrically separating the circuit's front end, where hazardous voltages can exist, from the rest of the data acquisition system. Isolation is especially important when taking measurements from sensors in the proximity of wall power, large motors, high-voltage switches or other high-voltage lines.

Isolated M and S Series devices also reject common-mode voltages and prevent ground loops from forming, eliminating two common problems for data acquisition system users. High common-mode voltages can make it impossible to measure the signal in a non-isolated data acquisition system and can even damage the system. The new isolated M and S Series devices can measure from sensors with the signal plus common-mode voltages of up to 60 V. Ground loops, which occur when there is a difference between the ground voltages of the measurement system and the signal being measured, can result in high currents flowing between the two grounds and can damage equipment and ruin accuracy.

The following table highlights several of the new isolated multifunction DAQ devices.

ProductBusAnalogue I/O 16-Bit,250 KS/sDigital I/O 6 IN, 4 OUTSinking/Sourcing Digital OutputsIsolation
NI 6154PCI4 IN (+/-10 V) simultaneous, 4 OUT (+/-10 V)5 V TTLSink/SourceCh-to-Ch
NI 6230PCI/PXI8 IN (+/-10 V),4 OUT (+/-10 V)5 V TTLSink/SourceBank
NI 6232PCI/PXI16 IN (+/-10 V),2 OUT (+/-10 V)24 VSourceBank
NI 6233PCI/PXI16 IN (+/-10 V),2 OUT (+/-10 V)24 VSinkBank
NI 6236PCI/PXI4 IN (+/-20 mA),4 OUT (+/-10 V)5 V TTLSink/SourceBank
NI 6238PCI/PXI8 IN (+/-20 mA),2 OUT (0-20 mA)24 VSourceBank
NI 6239PCI/PXI8 IN (+/-20 mA),2 OUT (0-20 mA)24 VSinkBank

Isolated M Series devices integrate seamlessly with the National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development platform and users can configure the devices using NI measurement and services software.

About NI Data Acquisition

By integrating commercially available silicon and bus technologies with innovative designs, NI data acquisition (DAQ) products continue to improve measurement speed and accuracy while reducing cost for engineers and scientists. NI data acquisition devices are available on the most widely used buses, including PCI, PXI, PCI Express and USB, and work with the industry's most popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Readers can learn more about the latest NI data acquisition hardware and software products and technologies at or use the form on this page to request a callback or more information.

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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