An easier way to assemble complete motion systems

22 September 2006

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An easier way to assemble complete motion systemsWith its Easy-2-Combine pneumatic systems for product handling, electrically driven Cartesian Motion System and IndraMotion control products, all of which are designed to operate together easily and efficiently, Bosch Rexroth now provides an economical and comprehensive family of motion products and systems for a wide range of applications including high-performance pick-and-place machines and palletisers.

The Easy-2-Combine pneumatic range includes grippers, mini-slides, rotary modules and linear modules, all of which feature standardised mounting interfaces and interlocking connections. Components in the range can be combined quickly, simply and economically to form assemblies such as linear or X-Y (area) gantries. Benefits include reduced engineering time and assembly costs, together with maximum flexibility.

For even greater versatility, the standard interface allows the Easy-2-Combine products to be directly mounted onto the Cartesian Motion System (CMS). Not only does this add positional capability, but it is well suited to applications involving longer travel distances, higher speeds or larger payloads. The CMS offers a maximum payload of 45kg, velocity up to 1m/s and acceleration as high as 15m/s2.

Both Bosch-Rexroth CMS and Easy-2-Combine are supported by an online configurator that guides designers through product selection and specification. The risk of design errors is therefore all but eliminated, as is the possibility of omitting essential components from the order, since the configurator provides a single ordering reference that covers all necessary items. The CMS is delivered fully assembled and tested, thereby saving valuable time on site.

To provide easily configured control facilities for motion systems incorporating equipment from the Easy-2-Combine and CMS ranges, Bosch Rexroth's IndraMotion for Handling is a turnkey motion and logic control offering.

IndraMotion is excellent for fully automated and efficient co-ordinated-axis motion. Together with perfectly matched drives, HMI facilities and IEC 61131-compliant PLC functionality, it offers user-friendly operation, a 'teach' facility, shop floor programming and time-optimised motion for increased productivity.

Between them, Easy-2-Combine, CMS and IndraMotion products address virtually every motion control requirement for small handling systems. Plus, because all of the products come from a single supplier, users can be sure of compatibility, as well as the availability of expert technical support covering every aspect of their project, should it ever prove necessary.

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